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Who Wins the Big Games This Week?

Oregon v. Boise St.

Carolina v. NC State

Bama v. Virgina Tech

LSU v. Washington

Navy v. Ohio State

Georgia v. Ok. State

BYU v. Oklahoma

Maryland v. California

I see:

Oregon v. Boise St. - Boise

Carolina v. NC State - USC

Bama v. Virgina Tech - Alabama

LSU v. Washington - LSU (but closer than you might think)

Navy v. Ohio State - Ohio State

Georgia v. Ok. State - OSU

BYU v. Oklahoma - Oklahoma

Maryland v. California - Cal


Jim - Washington will be improved over the 0-12 team last year... I think that the LSU players will be tired after going all the way to Washington, and overlook the game, thinking it will be an easy win. It will be very close untill the 4th quarter, when LSU's talent simply becomes too much for UW*. Similar to the LSU-Troy game last year.

Update 2:

Joseph - You mean the same Ohio State that got ROCKED by the SoCal team that lost to Oregon State? And the same Ohio State that had so much trouble with Ohio? That means nothing.

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    I agree with your answers.

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    Oregon-South Carolina-Bama-LSU-Ohio State-Georgia-Oklahoma- California. Make no mistake about it Ohio State had all kinds of trouble with Troy also do you remember? Washington may be glad they don't play Troy. These are College Athletes. If LSU would be in game #7 like last season maby LSU 38 Wash.17. Clown it is the opening game of a promising season for LSU 48 Washington 10. Then when they play USC 70 to10.

  • Oregon upsets Boise State

    NC State rocks South Carolina

    Virginia Tech's defense saves the day in a low-scoring thriller.

    LSU scores 31 straight to end the game, 38-7.

    Navy battles, but Ohio State scores 2 late TDs to win by 9.

    UGA pulls an upset in a shootout.

    nOU whips on BYU.

    Terps stun Bears. UPSET OF THE WEEK! But it doesn't stop Cal from having a good season.

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    Oregon v. Boise St. < by 12 pts.

    Carolina v. NC State < by 31 pts.

    Bama v. Virgina Tech < by10 pts.

    by 24 pts.> LSU v. Washington

    Navy v. Ohio State < by 7 pts.

    Georgia v. Ok. State < by 13 pts.

    BYU v. Oklahoma < by 27 pts.

    Maryland v. California < by 14 pts.

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    why do you think Washington will give LSU a game, I can't stand their horrible fans but they are always a strong team and Washington has been weak the past few years. Is there some big name they got that is going to make Washington alot better?

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    Boise St

    NC State



    Ohio State




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    NC State



    Oklahoma st



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    Did you hear that Spurrier just fell off a cliff???...........

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