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Where is the best place to find paraeducator/paraprofessional resources online?

I'm looking for information on being a special education paraeducator - some people call the position a paraprofessional or teacher's aide.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try any of these sites:

    In addition, contact school districts in the state you want to work, and ask what additional training they would like you to have. There are other things you want to consider as well. There is currently federal legislation pending on the usage of restraints and time-out rooms, so you may want to choose a curriculum that emphasizes "level one interventions", if you can, since they are likely to remain legal, while certain uses of restraints are likely to become illegal. In addition, level one procedures are generally far safer for the student, and give results without as much trauma in many cases. I live in one of many states where 'aversives" are illegal: ask if the program will train you in how to be an aid without using them, for best results on being able to find a job in any location.

    Finding a school where you can get volunteer experience or work-study is helpful, too.

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