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i killed my sister in car crash!?

Three days ago i was driving when my car span out of control on a long bendy corner at around midnight. i was not over the alcohol limit or on drugs and my parents consider me good and safe driver. Anyway i was released on bail for careless driving. my friend in the front who was unharmed said the accident was a pure accident and that i did well to correct the car as it started skidding out of control. my sister was in the back and on the side that impacted with a concrete wall as my car did a 180 turn across the other side of the road.

my parents know what happened and are returning from a holiday in australia early tomorrow. My sister was 16, i am 18. she was very very pretty and a model student with a lot going for her. she has always been the spoilt one in the family, and in the last few years i have not been getting on very well with the parents. i am not a party goer or drinker and my parents know this. However i feel this loss may be too much for them too take. Will they abandon me?


this is to Dana- i am a very good driver and i ALWAYS thought i would never crash as i have very good reactions and am aware of all road risks as i am a keen cyclist and have witnessed a friend die cycling. My sister chose to get in the car and i was under no alcohol or drugs.

The question i am posing is not whether my parents feel this is my fault as they shoudn't in my opinion but whether the death of their beloved daughter could really effect them mentally and perhaps be so much that they start to blame me or see things differently if you see what i mean u ignorant prik.

Update 2:

well cause it happened late at night my parents only found out later next day after a very close family friend called them. i did not want the police ***** calling them. they treated me like a murdering scum bag. they couldnt get a flight back till next day and it obviously takes a day to fly back so its been like 2 half days total.

Update 3:

to Tony- you are twisted man. i had only had 2 pints of weak lager- which obviously didnt cause the accident.

the reason i say my sister choose to get in the car is because had she not choose to enter she would still be alive.

the thing u dont get as your very twisted and have teisted my story is that accidents do happen.

And by the way have you never experienced someone who is griefing change events to blame you. even over small things. that is what i am fea\ring happensd here doofus.

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    Something about your story just doesn't jive, and a few people have already hit upon it.

    First you say you were "not over the alcohol limit", which I interpret to mean that you had been drinking, but not heavily.

    But then you say you were "under no alcohol"

    You say that your "sister chose to get in the car". It's strange that you specify that. Why did you choose to point that out?

    Secondly, to me it sounds as if you're more concerned with the possiblity of your parents abandoning you than the death of your sister - the "spoilt" one in the family. You didn't once mention that you miss her, or loved her, or that you're sorry it happened, or that you can't sleep at night, or that you're going nuts over it, etc. In fact, here it is, only 3 days later, she's probably not even buried yet, and you're posting a question about it on Yahoo Answers!!! Wow, you certainly have quick grief recovery!

    And in your anger at one of the answers here, you made some mistakes. Your question was "Will they abandon me?"

    ..but then you say...

    "The question i am posing is not whether my parents feel this is my fault..."

    Huh? But that's what you just asked up there, isn't it?

    Read on:

    "...but whether the death of their beloved daughter could really effect them mentally..."

    "...their beloved daughter"? Uh oh... I think I see a bit resentment and jealousy creeping up in your comments.

    "...perhaps be so much that they start to blame me..."

    Hmm.... okay, back to the blame game again.

    Are you sure you didn't kill her out of resentment and jealousy, and this car wreck wasn't an "accident" at all?

    EDIT: Dude, I don't know where you got where I was blaming alcohol for your "accident". If you could understand context, then you should've understood that I was specifically pointing out that you said two different things about your alcohol consumption.

    And for your second whine, I know it's awful strange for you to come and ask such a question on Yahoo Answers. So tell us, what did the accident report say caused you to swerve out of control? Something obviously did. If it was just a freak accident, then they really need to take a look at that road surface, but I seriously doubt that's the case! Honestly, I think someone was driving too fast to make that curve.

    And thanks for the compliment on my twisted mind! :)

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    Yes they will blame you. Maybe after time they won't but yeah they will be blaming you right now. The interesting thing I notice is that you don't mention anything about speed. Sounds like you WERE going too fast for conditions, and the fact that you went 180 across the road to slam in to a barrier that is apparently what killed her I'd say you were. Is all you are being charged with is careless driving? I'd think they'd charge you with vehicular manslaughter if the cops thought you were at fault for killing her. Anyway it's perfectly normal that they will blame you, at least in the back of their mind if not openly, when it first happened. You were at fault in an accident that killed her. The mind tends to look for someone to blame, and you are the ONLY one to blame. In time they may stop holding it against you, but we'd need the entire story to have an idea on that. As I said interesting how you are leaving the speed(both your speed and the limit and safety speed if there was one listed in yellow signs(U.S.)) and pointing out that you weren't drinking or on drugs. Why so much to help explain it wasn't you doing something wrong, but leaving speed out?

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    im so sorry for your situation right now. yes you parents will feel a loss but no parent should ever abandon a kid because of an accident no matter what their loss. if you were drinking and driving or on some drugs at the time then ok yes they have that right... but if it was truly an accident then they will love you no matter what if they are good parents...if not then maybe your better off without then. don't punish yourself by this. again im so sorry your going through this.

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    well i dont really know if your parents will blame you for anything, because it was an accident. i am very sorry that that happened. like my grandmother used to say, if one of me or my brothers ever got killed, she would be devastated. she told me that she would never heal mentally. thats probably true. my grandmother has been working as a teacher for 35 years. she understands teenagers very well, and i'm sure she would understand also. if you know it was an accident and you tell them that, then they should think you are telling the truth. i dont really know what it feels like to have lost a sister in a car crash, and i'm sure it must be very hard to think about whats happened to her, but when i was a couple of years old my great uncle died in a lake and drowned along with his 1 year old son. when i was old enough to understand what really happened i was in tears. i understand.

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    no, they will not abandon you. they may be very disappointed in you, but that is normal since they are grieving over a loss. my one brother didn't go with my other brother when he asked him to, later that night he died in a car crash. My parents thought that if my one brother was in the car with him, he could of saved him from dying. My parents didn't blame it on him. You will be fine. I'm sorry for your loss.

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    It will definitely devastate them, but if harsh words are said, just try to be patient and understand the enormity of what they are dealing with! Parents usually love all their children, but they may LIKE one better--at least during that particular stage. Be sure to talk humbly and intimately with them, allow them their sorrow and grief, and realize that it will take a long time to regain any kind of normalcy again. God bless you all!

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    No I am sure they will not abandon you they don't care enough to rush home from a holiday even though their daughter died (I am sure this is a fake question) why should they give you a hard time for what happened..

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    of course they wont if you tell them because it isn't your fault! its your parnets at the end of the day and if they abandon you for something like this there not very good role models to you!

    am so sorry about your sister all thoughts with you and your family:(

    and remember its not your fault

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    No matter what how good driver you are.Wondering how come you don't even feel guilt about that you killed your own sister.shame on should be ready to take anything that comes to you as a punishment and you don't even have to defense yourself and I am re-reading your question and you didn't even say 'I am sorry'.all you care is to save your ***.

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    No I dont think for a second that they would do that. I think this will make them embrace you. And make sure that they spend every second that they can with you. I am so sorry for your loss/tragidy. I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now.

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