is a 2006 Cadillac STS worth buying.?

i have a girlfriend 2 kids 1 year old and 3 year old is this a good CAR TO BUY check the link below.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes they are good family cars and that is pretty new

  • 4 years ago

    although a handling and response feels great when you drive this car and the strong features of the car make in very attractive inside and out I will never go back to Cadillac again! I got the car used at 26k with 49k miles. First i had to return in for repairs little more then a month later for simple things lumbar, glove box and one of the vents were all broke ($1400 value warranty paid). Later my seat broke i was able to pick the seat up and rest it against the steering wheel ($700 value warranty paid). The light bulbs went out 3 times in the headlights which would not be a big deal if you didn't have to remove the whole front end of the car to change it (800 x 3 including having to replace the light housing from smoking 1200 x 2 warranty and recall later) . Then the water pump failed ($700 repair warranty paid). Then all the coils which i understand that in a maintenance thing but that maintenance was $800. Then the gas pump fail the plastic cracked spilling out gas under my back seat this required dropping the rear axle and then the tank($1200 repair). The same seat has again fallen off is doing the same thing again they will not honer fixing it. my door handle fell off. My key fob has stopped working at times leaving me either stuck somewhere or locked out of the car for small durations of time 5 - 10 min($300 to replace cant afford to pay becuase i am always putting money into maniacal repairs). I had a small leak and needed a new thermostat had to remove then intake manifold to get to it($568). Then the back of my seat has fallen off i have not even started addressing that as i am still recovering from the prior repair($700 repair). Small holes in the leather started to appear and now almost the entire seats leather where i sit is trash ($1000). I asked a friend about it that works on upholstery for cars looked at it and said it was very cheap is not back hide it is grounded from rest of the cow and then sprayed on pvc it looks nice but it fails after so long designed only to last the term of the warranty. When i ask them why so expensive for repairs and why so many the dealership told me well you bought a Cadillac you will have to understand that you will have to maintain a luxury car. I am sorry i don't follow if i pay a higher sticker price i expect higher quality of materials used. We now have 143k miles and of that 94k miles i have placed on the car 90% has been freeway miles. Although most repairs where made in the first 120k miles i would have to say this car will cost more to repair then it value by 150k miles so if you want to spend 40 - 50 k on a car that is mostly made with plastic that after 6 years the life of a 72 month payment plan it will be worth about 9k - 11k and you would be into it 10's of thousands in repairs

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