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Can Some1 help me find Richard B Gersten Attorney @ Law in Collier County Naples FLorida?

I am searching for an attorney named Richard B Gersten that handled an adoption of my brothers daughter 9 years ago he just recently found out about this daughter because the mother has started regretting her decesion my brother is willing to anything and everthing to see his daughter he does not want to remove her from her current home but does want to have contact with her Richard B Gersten is the attorney that the mom used for the adoption we have tried everything that we know of to look for this lawyer the number listed for him is no longer in service can someone please tell me how to go about finding this lawyer and seeing if he is still practicing I don't know if he works for another law firm or for himself If you have any ideas please help me out and if you work for Collier County and can give me a hand please do..... Thanks Carmen Cruz


My brother was not having casual sex he was in a relationship with her they had a fight and she moved away and to get even with him for a stupid fight she waited until now to tell him about the baby and he didn't sign any papers giving the baby up for adoption since he didn't know she existed so he does have rights since he never gave them up

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    PO Box 596

    Laurel, Florida 34272-0596



    **He is no longer eligible to practice law in the State of Florida.

    **The Bar's website indicates there is a disciplinary action against this person; they say if you want to know more, you have to email the Bar. Just go to their website.

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    Here's 2 possibilities:

    Richard B. Gersten, a lawyer in Naples Florida


    (this it the person whose contact info another poster mentioned above. I found no reference to a California law license or have ever been or worked in California, but it's possible that information is just not online, I didn't find a full bio or anything.)

    Someone from San Diego named Richard Gersten, profession unknown, but pictures available:


    There are some powerful tools that investigators can use to look people up on LexesNexis, for example, but you need to have a legitimate reason to legally use them and access to the databases are expensive. Sources like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are commonly used as a low cost alternative and often in conjunction with the professional tools.

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    Gersten, Richard B

    1100 5th Ave S #409

    Lawyers phone number: 239-643-2013

    Can be spelled as gersten, richad b

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    you can try www.martindale.com but even if you find him, if this is a closed adoption, you won't get information on the child. If it was an open adoption, the birth mother has the information.

    Your brother has no parental or other rights to this child, and it would be very wrong of him to try to find her at this age and upset her with her family. He should mark the calendar for her 18th birthday, and if he is so inclined then, he can try to find her.

    And this is a good lesson in not having casual sexual relationships with people - you never know when you may have made a baby that is now not yours anymore.

    **EDIT** read your additional information. It is a casual relationship if either party thinks so little of the other that they will give away a child without the other's knowledge. I sort of suspect that girlfriend is being spiteful now, and there was no baby.

    nevertheless - you cannot possibly be supporting your brother in his quest to wrest a 8 -9 year old girl away from the only family she has ever known. Think of this little girl first - that is the only important thing.

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