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★ESS★ asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

What was the best catchphrase in the WWE/F+YHWA episode 4 vote (2x again)?

well its been removed twice now so i am going to save every vote now on my computer and who ever is getting these removed can you please stop its getting annoying to repost this thank you.

the don walks out to the ring

the don:"The Don is not very happy with himself cause he lost the match to a loser and The Don is also not happy with the Ref Stryder either.The Don says that was a fast count as well as was a Stunner literally and Bon used that so The Don demands for a rematch and this time The Don wants Bon inside the Steel Cage.

shaun cold walks out

shaun cold:I beat you Don and now you want a rematch you blame the ref for doing his job i even gave you an advantage i didn't hit my cruely awesome stunner i hit a cutter and won the match and come on a steel cage match i decline because i dont have time to waste on losers like you i am a legend and instead of facing you in a cage match i will be the ref for the zero x title match.

the don"The Don says Pon u r a chicken ur affaid of The Don that s why ur hiding from Steel Cage..why Dont we end this worthless sh*t next week inside the cage and Pon The Don says ur a legend yeah ur cuz UR A LEGENDARY CHICKEN...QUACK QUACK"

shaun cold:Don first of all thats the sound a duck makes you stupid son of a b**** and im not a fraid of you.

the don:You sound like youre afraid of me.Bon calls himself a legend but hes afraid of The Don hahahahahahahaha.

shaun cold:Ok first its Shaun Cold not Bon Cold or whatever the f*** youre calling me and wanna know what i want a match with you now so i can beat some manner in to you because you dont know how to treat a true legend.

the don:So i guess it settled me and Bon...i mean Shaun Cold an I have a match tonight in a steel cage!!!

shaun cold:"Don Im gonna make you taste so much steel you will be s****** steel chairs for me to hit you with so don you just got yourself in a load of trouble see you tonight chump!!!"

match 1-arzo vs mr.x vs kurt angle

match 2-adam streets vs rj punk

thomas and kelly maria are in the back talking and lazyboy interupts them

lazyboy:hey thomas you ready to lose to a true legend tonight

thomas:a true legend? im not in the shaun cold don match tonight those 2 are legends.

lazyboy:im the true legend you facing tonight you idiot.

kelly and thomas:you...hahahahahaha!!!

lazyboy:both of you shut up right now!!!you wouldnt know what real talent even if it was standing right in front of you which it are the worst superstar in the yhwa you dont even deserve to face someone as great as me.stryder gave the easiest match in my career tonight.

thomas:you know what...

lazyboy:no shut up and listen!!!

kelly maria:no lazyboy why dont you!!!and thomas is going to win tonight because im going to be his manager!!!now if you dont mind im going to help thomas get ready for his match so he can kick your @$$!!!

match 3 tournament match-lazyboy vs thomas w/ kelly maria

match 4 tournament match- mr.e vs fallen diablo

interview backstage with phantom freak

interviewer:so phantom freak how did you feel about your match last week?

phantom freak:"How do I feel about the match!? How do you think I feel!? Everytime I think im about to grab that next rung, someone comes and knocks me back down the ladder. I cant lose again I just cant! I tell ya what, next person who thinks they are gonna knock me down a step, im gonna take that ladder and beat them to death. Im pi$$ed now!"

interviewer:do you think you can win tonight?

phantom freak:of couse. what kind of question is that?

interviewer:well you kind of have been on a losing streak.

phantom freak:WHAT THE F*** DID YOU JUST SAY!!!

phantom freak grabs the interviewer by the collar and repeatedly smashes him into the wall athen phantom freak walks off angry

match 5 #1 contender for the zero x championship-poncho vs phantom freak vs ma beast vs prasdana

awsomess sits down at the announcers table to watch the competitors fight for the #1 contender spot for the zero x championship

main event steel cage match-the don vs shaun cold

8 Answers

  • Matt
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    because im the miz and im awesome

    that sucks about your questions

    kurt angle

    adam streets


    mr. e

    phantom freak

    shaun cold

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  • Poncho
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    1. Kurt Angle

    2. Adam Streets

    3. Lazyboy

    4. Fallen Diablo

    5. Poncho

    6. The Don

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  • Ann
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    1. Mr. X & Thomas 2. Barbie 3. Poncho 4. British Brawler 5. Shaun Cold

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  • 1 decade ago

    -and thats the bottomline cause Stone Cold said so

    -If u smelllllll what the ...Cookin

    wow The Don hates to repeat himself but now he has repeat himself again shish pathetic lil creatures known as Trolls

    1.Kurt Angle

    2.Adam Street


    4.Mr E



    *The Don walks out to ring and climbs up on top of cage*

    "The Don says this is the perfect stage for The Don to write his name with the blood of his opponent..and with the blood of his own....Pon The Don says this time u and me and there will be no guest ref and there will be no stupid stipulations so The Don says just bring ur candy a** so that The Don can kick ur a**"

    Main Event-->The Don

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  • HAHAHAHA, How stupid is it that the first guy says something like that and his name is frickin Obi Wan. Yeah, Star Wars is sooooo much more mature than wrestling. Geez what a moron.

    WQ: Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

    1. Kurt Angle

    2. Adam Streets

    3. Lazyboy

    4. Mr E

    5. Phantom Freak

    6. Shaun Cold

    Source(s): FEAR THE LEGDROP
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  • 1 decade ago

    1.kurt angle

    2.adam streets


    4.fallen diablo

    5.prasdana paperinik(it's me)

    6.the don

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    great show and listen dude those people who u said r cheating u think they me well guess wat they not i e-mail them the question and hoepfully they check their e-mail and since they used y/a not very often they dont know any one so i tell them to vtoed for the people who i voted for and also e-mail me on y/a if u have in further question

    2.adam street

    3.thomas/kelly maria beast

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just say no!

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