A regular twin bed vs a themed bed (like race car type)?

I'm bed shopping for my son. We'll be moving him into his own toddler bed just after Christmas hopefully, so we're getting him his own bed as a gift(from his grand dad). I've been looking at the different types and they are all pretty equally priced. I'm just not sure if I want to go with a race car bed for him since he loves cars so much, or a regular twin bed that is wooden and will last awhile longer.

What would you suggest?

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    We skipped the toddler sized bed and went to the twin sized race car bed. It's plastic and very very durable and heavy. I've been very very impressed with it. Ethan is obsessed with cars so he loves it too. The mattress sits a little lower then the sides of the "car" so he's got a little protection from falling out. We had an extra long extra tall bed rail on it until this past week. He's 2 1/2 now and doesn't fall out ever.

    If you buy a toddler bed, you will just have to purchase a twin bed in a few years or less.

    Good luck!

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    Are you trying to choose between a wooden toddler bed and a race car toddler bed or a wooden twin bed? If it is between two types of toddler beds, get him the race car if that is what you think he'll like...he'll only use a toddler bed for a few years anyway. If it is between a wooden twin and a toddler race car, I guess it depends on how necessary you think a toddler bed is. While they aren't necessary, it is nice to have a bed they can easily get in and out of and they don't have far to fall when they do roll out of bed.

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    If it's a toddler bed, go with a theme. If it's a twin bed, I'd get the traditional wood bed because, like you said, it will last longer.

    Toddler beds will last a while too, your son may be in one for 2-3 years. Since they cost a lot less than a twin bed, buying a themed bed now wouldn't be a horrible investment.

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    If you're putting him in a toddler bed anyway, go with the race car, since he'll outgrow both the toddler bed and the race car theme. I bought my son a good twin bed that lasted way past when he moved out of the house - just "themed" it with sheets, pillows and comforter.

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    We skipped the toddler bed altogether and put our guys in regular twin beds. They loved them!

    It made far more sense to me to spend extra money on "real beds" then a smaller amount of money on beds they would have outgrown within a couple of years. This way the beds they have will be good hopefully at least until middle school if not longer.

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    1 decade ago

    Its really about how much you want to spend. If you want to get him the car as his special first bed i would do it but be aware it wont be that long before your having to buy him a twin bed to move up into. We skipped the toddler bed and went right to the twin it made more sense at the time and she had no problems with it.

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    Why not get him a car bed? If he loves cars so much, i think it is a good idea. Might even get him to go to bed easier on a night.

    The only thing I would say it that he might not want a race car bed when he is a bit older which means that you would have to buy him the normal twin bed but if you don't mind that then why not.

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    My son is 4 and loves his twin race car bed. I also love it because it has raised sides so he doesn't fall out and yet he can get in and out easily on the front hood part. My nephew who is 9 loves my sons bed so I don't think he will be growing out of it anytiem soon. His race car bed also has a toy box under the hood. I love it and would definatly reccomend it.

    Source(s): His race car bed isn't a toddler bed it's twin size. I can lay with him in it also. Get it trust me. I bought it off craigslist for 50$
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