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Solvent extraction method?

Can anyone give me a basic step by step method for solvent extraction of paracetamol? or just a general method for solvent extraction?

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    A liquid - liquid extraction method is used to remove a component from a solution.

    Let's say solute x is dissolved in solvent A and solute x is much more soluble in solvent B and solvent A and solvent B are not soluble in each other.

    If we have 100 ml of solvent A with solute x in it, we can add about 20 ml of solvent B to the solution and shake it up to get good interface of solvent B with solvent A. The greater solubility of x in B will cause much of x to leave solvent A and go into solvent B. We then let the 2 phases separate and remove solvent B from A. Much of solute x is now in solvent B. Usually you repeat the extraction at least 3 times with fresh solvent B to assure a high level of removal of solute x from solvent A and into solvent B.

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