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Jealous of friends 0.0?

me and 2 of my friends (one is a family friends one i knew fo9r 4 years)

went to a cottage i met a girl and i started to like her

after i told them, they would stay on both sides of her...

not letting me walk with her talk with her or anything,

is this right?

near the end i met a girl that was cooler and more like me but still did i have a right to be jealous?

chances are i will do what you say


Amy i agree with you, although with my friends being like that even when i told them to stop... i had not 1 chance

minerva i also agree with you and i will try to volunteer in some places like ani8mal shelter, i also like animals so its a win-win =D

thanks you 2

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    Favorite Answer seem to easily like any girls. :D haha.I think your friends should not be staying on both sides of her,it's wrong.They should be giving you opportunities to talk to her and know her more.So yeah,basically there's nothing wrong if you're jealous or what.But i think you're a little fickle-minded.try and change.


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    Keep your business to yourself...and you won't have trouble with your friends trying to mess things up for you....

    Also, these don't seem like very good friends to me.....why don't you start volunteering someplace the zoo or humane society...and make some new friends.....ones who are not so immature and selfish brats that they think it's funny to do this kind of stuff...

  • Osama
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    donot be mad..come on...look at it from a different point of view..if u were with that girl u would not meet the new more suitable it is some kind of sign form god..this is one...the second thing is that u need to talk to them and tell them what they did was not nice and be honest with them..

    try to keep the new one though :D

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, yeah it's not right of your friends to cock block you like that.

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