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Sore throat and some green mucus (eww)?

I'll start with this... 2 weeks ago on a friday I had a mild sore throat...Saturday, it persisted so I went to urgent care. He said Viral. I puked all night that night...Sunday i felt sick so I had to take nausea meds that relaxed my stomach... Chronic sore throat persisted. White streaks appeared, spit up green stuff...eww... Monday, I called fam doc. Couldnt' see me but he said it sounded bacterial. Prescribed antibiotics... it started getting better. Highest temp was 101 and I had no further symptoms.

Yesterday, I got up with a sore throat. I thought it was from cleaning the house... So I drank water all day but it mildly got worse. I ended up taking advil by the end of the day. Took all night and this morning (my sore throat is getting worse ...but slowly... which is unusual). AND this morning I was hocking up green mucus (eww).... but now its just white.

No fever, no headache, no coughing, etc.... just the above.

Im so tired of being sick... and that's not it. Im having some stomach problems too.


PS: Im starting to see white streaks (really small compared to the last episode) and it's wosening... I'm thinking strep again...but what are the chances!? I sanitized the WHOLE HOUSE after last time (2 weeks ago).

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    Sore throats caused by a viral infection of throat, tonsils or nasal passages and are associated with a cold or the flu. Nonproductive cough and lighter colored mucus are usually present. Viral sore throats are less likely to be accompanied by a fever than a bacterial sore throat. Most viral sore throats can be treated with self care and do not required the attention of a health care provider. Antibiotics are in effective for treating viral infection.

    Even the sore throats are also caused by allergies or irritants.less common but more sessions, causes are bacterial infections. The throat appears very red with white or yellow patches or pus on the throat or tonsils.A Fever higher than 101 deg. F may be present. Sore throat caused by bacterial infection should be examined by a Health care provider. They can be treated with Antibiotics.

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    Sounds like a sinus infection. Try using a Netti pot or sinus wash to help clear out the junk. Also goto an ear nose and throat specialist to get checked out. You can have obstruction in your sinus that are preventing you from clearing out the junk effectively. (Obstructions like a deviated septum or a bunch of polyps have grown inside the nasal passages).

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    its a bacterial infection for sure you may have to be prescribed more anitbiotics

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