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Why do boxing fans say that MMA is full of middle class white americans?

UFC has only 1 white american champion and the most dominant fighter in the sport is Brazilian. Why do all the boxing fans say that its full of white americans they are many Brazilians and Asians that fight in the UFC too. They are even many black fighters in the UFC like Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson, John Howard, Jon Jones, Cheick Kongo, Paul Daley.

if you are saying that it only attracts white guys alot of boxers are fans of MMA, i seen Ricky Hatton, Roy Jones jr, Mike Tyson, Zab Judah at UFC events. Zab Judah is a huge MMA fan. Judah once admitted that most UFC fights are more entertaining than most boxing fights. Also Tyson said in a interview at UFC 98 that UFC fights today are far more entertaining than the boxing fights today.


getting rid of the ground fighting is stupid. Ground game is a huge part of MMA. Most TAPOUT fans only like the brawling part of MMA and dont show respect to the ground game.

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    The big majority of fighters and fans are white !

    Same goes with boxing though, so i do not understand why there is problem with MMA and not Boxing!

    Heavyweight is white dominated,Adamek dominates cruseirweight,Super middleweight and middleweight same thing all white champions!

    By the way Brazilian is not a race but nationality,for example Anderson is black and Lyoto Machida Eurasian , Wanderlei is Latino and Maia or Shogun white Brazilians!

    It's like you are saying that Kessler is not white but Danish or that Klitschkos are not white but Ukranians!

    Race is one thing and nationality another!

    Also for the closure of my answer i will add that Anderson Silva is phenomenal no doubt, but there are people who think that Lyoto Machida or Fedor or George St Pierre or even some think Brock Lesnar, are the best fighters in the world!

    Race has nothing to do with fighting skills,do not believe trash talking!

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    Such a valid point about politicians generally. Truth, an alien concept to those who control our destiny, requires me to say that virtually all politicos can be rated by degrees of hypocrisy; the most hypocritical are lodged at the extreme edges of left and right and gradually as you get towards the middle you get the occasional truth mixed in and some honesty as well, but not much. The trouble is, we get who we vote for so what does that say about us? Ps Genghis K illustrates the last point perfectly, defending people who seek power over others is a lost cause; this is not about Obama or any other individual, it is about how we con ourselves into accepting a less than honest system run by hypoctites. Not everyone can be a Mandela and even he was no angel when young. If he or someonme like him were in charge then Mugabe would have gone years ago et al.

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    Yeah but the coming generation of MMA fighters and the current generation of fans are mostly made of of white, middle class, just look at the TUF seasons.

    Whether they become stars or not remains to be seen though because not many white middle class kids have the discipline of a European or an Asian or the athleticism of a Brazilian or African.

    Fairly racial stereotyping and there are obviously exceptions but that's the truth

  • Because history shows that MMA is more attractive to White people.

    Take my neighbors, for example. They order every UFC PPV event you can think of. They're White. They don't care much for boxing because, and I'm usign their words, there hasn't been a lot of White American champs in recent times, but they do love Kelly Pavlik. I think MMF PPVs are boring, but I still go anyways because they'e my friends.

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    A D minus for Jodie's attempt at being funny using an overused unfunny reply that has been spread more times online than she has in her life.

    Onward, they're saying the MMA fan base is full of middle class white Americans, not the fighters. And they're right, it is. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen a non-white wearing a Tapout or Affliction shirt at my school. Well the natives wear them rarely, but in my opinion Native Alaskans don't deserve to have the dignity of being called a race, so we'll just refer to them as Grubs.

    Being a white middle-class American myself, I don't think I've ever seen an MMA poser that Steve Urkel couldn't stomp the fecal matter out of in seconds. They're annoying little fat kids wrapped up in a dumb fad and my friend Chris and I often like to make fun of them or throw stuff at them at lunch time in our cafeteria and watch them do nothing about it. I don't care how good MMA is, their fan base ruins anything they have going for them. And I'm not talking about just the retards who spill over from the Martial Arts section into here and post the typical MMA Fighter+Boxer+MMA rules only=Boxer loses stuff. Not to mention, the UFC needs to adopt anti-groundwork rules before it could ever be considered the least bit entertaining.

    And you're right, some MMA fights are more entertaining than boxing fights, because some boxers just spend the whole time jabbing, running, and holding (Like John Ruiz, Michael Nunn, the Klitschkos, Muhammad Ali, Winky Wright, etc.), and that will put me to sleep in seconds. But those are about 1/3 boxing fights vs. 9/10 MMA fights that feature oiled up men holding each other on the ground for four out of five minutes every round.

    And it doesn't matter if Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Zab Judah, etc. are MMA fans. They're outnumbered 90,000-1 by middle-class whites. Take a look around, it's just a fact.

    Ugh. To think that in exactly five hours and thirty-two minutes I have to go back to my first day of school and see more of these Tapout losers in my classes I signed up for. I think last year I even saw a special ed student rolling around on the mats in my gym class with a Tapout/Affliction shirt on. I'm not going to hold it against him because he doesn't know better or anything, but that just shows how dangerous this MMA fad really is.

    Edit - I didn't mean getting rid of the groundwork all together, I mean making rules to something like the effect of you're only allowed to go to the ground twice in one round for no longer than 30 seconds at a time.

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    More white people watch UFC than boxing.

    More Hispanic people watch boxing than UFC.

    Most black people don't care.

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    because MMA is better more entertaining... with MMA you don't know whats gonna happen

    you can't say that about boxing because its pretty predictable buring the fight

    but MMA is controled by Brazlians...

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    mma is boring

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    because only white people watch it kid

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    Because you touch yourself at night.

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