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希望大大們可以幫我解答 !!!



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    版 大! 您 好!


    演唱:Flo Rida ft. Wynter Gordon

    專輯:R.O.O.T.S. (黑街生存之道)(2009-03)



    Flo Rida ft. Wynter - Sugar

    Flo Rida feat Wynter Gordon - Sugar



    My lips like sugar, my lips like sugar

    我紅唇如蜜糖 我紅唇如蜜糖

    This candy got you sprung, this candy got you sprung

    甜到你抓狂 甜到你抓狂

    So call me your sugar, so call me your sugar

    讓我當你的糖 讓我當你的糖

    You love you some, you love you some

    你想吃點糖 你想吃點糖

    I'm sweet like 我甜得像

    Da double dee double di...

    I'm sweet like 我甜得像

    Da double dee double di...

    I'm sweet like 我甜得像

    Da double dee double di...


    [Flo Rida]

    Hey, I've got a mouth full of cavities

    嘿 我滿嘴蛀牙

    Sweet tooth, full of mama, like sugar to me

    貪吃甜食 美女如雲 個個是糖

    So my love with the lips, put a bug in the ear tone

    我迷戀紅唇 偷偷暗示她

    Shawty gotta kiss, it's an emergency

    辣妹吻技一流 代誌大條啦

    Spit sprung for the taste, addicted to her gloss

    那滋味讓我口水流一灘 那唇蜜讓我心癢癢

    One smile this way, baby I rub it off

    朝我嬌笑一把 我趕緊叫自己要挺住

    Put my tongue in your face


    A little mistletoe, sippin' Grand Marnier, I'm a fan all day

    一些槲寄生 品嘗醇香 我隨時奉陪

    Do me that favor, cuz I like your flavor

    幫幫忙嘛 妳這款口味我超哈

    My manage behavior; I'm into your major

    我是很花 就愛妳這朵花

    Sweeter so flavor, that's good for this player

    甜得夠殺 哈死我這個玩家

    My hood, now and later, throw back like a pager

    去我那 隨時來吧 重溫快樂時光

    Pretty much, you're givin' me a sugar rush

    決不誇張 妳糖分高到讓我精力爆漲

    Lil mama, give me high blood pressure when you blush

    美眉 妳一臉紅我就得高血壓

    Lips feel soft as a feather when we touch


    Shawty that's what's up

    小姐 現在就是這款狀況


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