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    Make procedure / Method

    Red porgy's fish's Philippines' strength is dealt with: The material (A) Mix and pickle for about 20 minutes. Can take out after material fragrance and fish are merged. And will cruelly oppress superficially with the pan

    Fry to put oven bake, take out, it lets to be warm their time after being familiar to 9 when being golden yellow

    The dip is dealt with: While salting red porgy's fish down material(B) Fry and release to perfume in order. Boil until necessary thick consistency all right Lu cloth Lu keep Bei warm with little fire form


    Starch quality ganishes food to deal with: Poach to sift mud form into taro potato with cream so as to the screen mesh after being soft peel. Add the cream. Fresh cream. Powder of mace and flavouring

    Can keep it warm for subsequent use

    The season vegetables are dealt with: Cut clean, vegetables necessary form poach to need soft soft degree with cream. And leave the fire and continue warm bubbles with its water. Israel when the dish appears

    Cream. Pepper. Detailed salt warm to fry flavour,

    Put one to deal with: Like in plate junket pear slice first. Put a way of fever for Israel of the oven and bake the junket pear to the warm form. In order to prevent its form from being damaged. Accord with the rationality of the hot food

    Make the idea: It is urgent to be real with meat. Fresh and sweet red porgy's fish are themes. Match the fennel butter sauce with sheer fragrant flavor. Enable it to combine perfectly. And by having it in forest

    The junket pear that claims of the milk is mixed with red porgy's fish. Can reflect obeying the mouthfeel slipperily of fish even more




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