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Lexy asked in Consumer ElectronicsCamcorders · 1 decade ago

Sony Cybershot touch screen?

I have a cybershot touch screen. It was working fine, I turned it off. A few minutes later, I turn it on to use again and it says "Reinsert Memory Stick" It won't let me take any pictures or anything, Memory stick still the same. I have aken it out, and reinserted it, but nothing changes. Also, " C:13:01 " keeps flashing... I need help please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Same problem with my Sony OneTouch HandyCam.I bought it a few years back,touch screen was working fine too,suddenly, I can't take videos and pictures too.So i brought it to the electronic repair shop,and let them check my handycam. They found out that the defect was on the screen,so they replaced it with a new screen (which cost me a lot).

    Dont know if the same problem with your cybershot touchscreen. You might contact Sony Costumer Service, or brought it to the nearest electronics shop for check up.

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