What female artist sang Suzanne besides Judy Collins?

I asked the question differently before. I found the song, it was originally by Leonard Cohen. (Suzanne takes you down to a place by the river...) I thought it was maybe Phoebe Snow but I can't find it. It was on an album by a female artist in the 70's but it wasn't Judy Collins. Can anyone help? Does anyone remember? Thanks

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    This is a list of female singers who have recorded Suzanne in English, from the Leonard Cohen Files.

    Flack, Roberta

    Ross, Diana


    Spanky & Our Gang

    St. John, Bridget

    Simone, Nina

    McKinnon, Catherine

    Julien, Pauline

    Glen or Glenda

    FMT feat. Camilla

    Jungr, Barbr

    Carroll, Lianne

    Collins, Judy

    Baez, Joan

    Markell, Valerie

    McCaslin, Mary

    Wegelius Kören

    Martini, Mia

    Martin, Diane

    Batalla, Perla

    Michaels, Lindy

    Morrau, Sarah

    Doucet, Suzanne

    Novi Sad

    Amos, Tori

    Ofarim, Esther

    Franklin, Aretha

    Wilson, Nancy

    Bentley, Annika

    Måndotter, Lena

    Reeves, Diane

    Phippard, Melanie

    Gunn, G. G.

    Kirk, Deanna

    I Furiosi


    Enchanted Forest

    Collins, Judy

    Mouskouri, Nana

    Avery, Gwen

    Kooperman, Deborah

    Hanner, Lissa


    Kramer & Tammy Lang

    Salmon, Kim

    Pascal, Daniele


    Batalla, Perla

    Zaryan, Aga

    Marie, Rene

    And this list is not complete.

    I worked a Roberta Flack concert in Fort Lauderdale many years ago, here's a video of her doing it:


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    Suzanne Takes You Down

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    Both Judy Collins and Joan Baez sang it.

    Also Nina Simone


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    Source(s): Their versions are all on youtube
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    White Rabbit-sung by Grace Slick with Jefferson Airplane.

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