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My rat terrier is hopeless :( how do i obedience train a dog which doesn't fit the definition of its breed?

I read up the rat terriers personality... and she doesn't fit it at all.

She's very independent.

Does not care if she gets in trouble.

Does not try to please her owner

is horrible with new people (she's bit people)

and we even had to lock her up, for biting a girl, for over 10 days, all though it was the girls fault.

We locked her up at the same time I had purchased my poodle.

this was over 1 1/2 years ago. And ever since then she's been pretty messed up.

She wont listen to us at all anymore

and I just don't know what to do because she will get in trouble constantly just for attention

I can't read up her behavior because she doesn't even fit under the category of rat terriers.

I want to help her, because my family always complains to get rid of her, all though she's my dad's dog, he's just to damn lazy to do it himself.

She's about 6 years old. And totally messed up...

Disobedient to the max!! What do i do!?

and don't even start to tell me to take her to obedient training...

that would have to be a joke if anybody says that...

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    Her breed has nothing to do with anything - this sounds more like the family as a whole failed to socialize, train, and work with this dog from day one PROPERLY.

    Could also be the result of poor breeding (genetics.)

    What you need is a behaviorist - obedience training won't do squat with an aggressive dog as obedience trainers don't delve into the who, what, and why of the dog's behavior. And an aggressive dog won't give a darn about treats.

    Try looking up dog behaviorists on your area, use google or call and ask your vet.

    Difference between trainer and behaviorist:

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    Go to:

    Yahoo search



    MSN search


    or any other search engine & look up-

    Basic obedience

    Obedience training

    Dog training

    Fun tricks to teach your dog.

    There are many more ways to search this but you will find sites that will serve your purpose.

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    okay since you didnt start from day one its goona be tough. Everyone in your household needs to help with this, if one person doesnt, the dog will get away with things. first try a rolled up news paper dont hit the dog with it just hit a table or something to scare her.. doesnt work? try treats when she does good. locking her up wont do much but piss her off..try to have one main person in command of her (home alot) use a deep strict tone with the dog. MAKE her learn the word NO.. repeat it over and over and over ..give her something to do.. play with toys get her a couple toys but only give her one or two a day this way she knows that those are hers not everything in the house.if it looks likes the dog is going to do something bad.. catch it before the dog does it.. calmy but firm say NO dont think about it. your dog can understand you if u use certain phrases over and over... another hting that worked on my rat terrior was to just stomp your foot in front of them if they are bad .. as of now my dog looks at a newpaper and she runs!.. good luck hope it was helpful

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