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Who make 32 ACP snake shot cartridges?

Need some close range shells for rattlesnakes. Thanks

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    As you've already found, CCI skips over the .32 ACP in their shot loaded cartridges. They're the #1 go to.

    I'll check a bit and see what I can find since there's nothing in the other answers' links.

    OK, here's a good page from with test and reload info. Looks like there may be a problem cycling the semi-auto with the shot shells.

    Zero seems to be saying you should use the Glasers. Despite the fact that the core of the Blue Glaser is compressed #9 shot, it really isn't a shot shell. It has a much greater range. The projectile isn't made to fragment until impact, so there's no shot pattern or spread. Of course, it will kill a snake just as dead as loose shot, but you may have to be a much better marksman to do so. It's a specialty round, so it's pricey. Some semi-auto shooters have complained of failures to cycle. This isn't the case with the CCI .45 shot shells as they seem to be loaded on the hot side. This may be why the .32 isn't offered since most of the smaller caliber semi-autos are blow-back design and may not take kindly to being fed spicey little meatballs.

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    I dont believe anyone does. The small size of the cartridge doesnt lend itself well to shot, not enough powder.

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    you can try this site

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