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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

tswrw utlimate challenge-ppv please come and read inside please + 20 matches?

thomas-hello and welcome to the first ever tswrw utimate challenge the first tswrw ppv dat i ever posted so farfirst the 1 match of the evening it will be netalia cruz brand vs colleen the # one contender it will be for the diva champion

interview with netalia cruz brand

int-so do u think u can beat colleen tonight and retain ur diva champion

colleen-well i think i can i mean comeon im the best diva in tswrw

thomas-hello netalia get ready for ur match tonight

netalia cruz brand-oh hello and im ready (blushing and giggling) thomas maybe after tonight match or show we can goes to ur hotel and do stuff together (she rub thomas face)

thomas-i like dat i just make ur match a special ref. match with me bugt im the special guess inforcer

(they both leave)

match 1 diva champion

colleen vs netalia cruz brand

match 2 single

eva vs misty

(thomas come out)-hold it,hold it, HOLD IT, hey can u two be patnmer with tommy in just one more match tonight

eva-sure but which match

misty-ya wat kind of match is it

thomas-tonight first blood match of course

eva-sound good to me but wait how can wat fi he made us bleed will he still win

thomas-no to win he need to made all three of ya bleed and

jose-and nothing i will win tonight if u made it a hriple threat thriple threat match with lazyboy as my partner and tommy and whoever he pick and how about dat other girl misty and the ecw champion being on the line which ever male win get the belt


(thomas drop the match)

match 3-5 man elimanation chamber

john c vs swagger vs hassan q vs timberwolf vs canajoe

match 4 steel cage

brock vs ash

match 5 1 on 3 gaulet

matt roca vs dr.death and dead man walking and zac

match 6 tswrw woman champion

crystal vs kattie

match 7 i quit match-for the cruserweigth champion

ma beast vs thomas

match 8 -2 man battle royal

ht vs mattew

match 9 10 man royal rumble for the hardcord champion




6.zach attack

7.nick long card

8.joe L

9.i l;ike cat

10.cody mcawesome

match 10-3 thriple threat thriple threat macth for the ecw champion

introducing jose and lazyboy and marcus doom and twilight and introducing tommy and

(thomas come out with eva and misty)-hold it hold it let me introduce his partner for tonight his partner is..... (misty yelled thomas look out)

(lazyboycame up behind him hitting him with a steel chair)

jose-introdcuiogn his partner a wash up hehehehe u cant beat us now suck)

thomas barly wisaper and said)-u though it was me u was wrong it peter griffin

match 11 thriple threat thriple threat match for the ecw champion

tommy and peter grffin vs jose and lazyboy and marcus doom and twilight

match 12-ecw champion aain

jose vs twilight

match 13 hex in a cell match

d-will vs justin

match 14-steel cage

shyno vs shaun cold

match 15 inferno

poncho vs the corw

int. with dunavin and george and head hunter

int-so dunavin how do it feel workign weith 2 other people who had belt and well u never had any

dunavin-hey stop talking i will get a futre shot in the near future not now

head hunter-ya he will but for now he our respectfully partner

george-ya i also getting my ecw title back at boiling point

match 16 1 on 2 handicap match

mr.e vs dunavin and george and head hunter

match 17 fatal four way

rated r john vs jesse vs walter vs v

match 18 blindfolded match for the blindfolded blt

shyno vs cody

match 19 thripel threat

ryan vs calebei vs gordan

match 20 man royal rumble

an inte with every one in it

int-hey everyone so wat do u think about the royal rumble ur in

punk is a punk-well im going to win of course and after i win or well im going to win i will get my shot at the whc and after i win dat i be introduce in the hall of fame after i wuit or cuz my contact is expriring in a couople more month and i need a shot

1.wwe:mysery: fan

2.other harrod

3.travis g

4.graduation bear

5.adam street

6.cristian # one peep

7.jesse q

8.havaililikid 10

9.tunia chavo 2


bonus match for the unified tag team champ

thomas-hello and i bet ya wondering who si my secret partner wat does tr stand for well im about to tell u but our new name s reigns my secret partner is ricf.

ps vs reigns

now after please rate and vote and leave promo if u want 10 point then vote all 20 but if u dont voted for atleast 10

5 Answers

  • Ric F
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer


    1: Netalia cruz brand

    2: Misty

    3: Timberwolf

    4: Brock

    5: Zac

    6: Kattie

    7: Thomas

    8: Mattew

    9: Zach Attack

    10: Marcus Doom and Twilight

    11: Twilight

    12: Justin

    13: Shyno

    14: The Crow

    15: MR. E

    16: Walter

    17: Shyno

    18: Ryan

    19: WWE: Mystery: Fan

    20: Reigns

    promo: ahah i have finally made my debut here and im going to make sure im undefeated for a long time.

    word to the wise

    Source(s): free your mind
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Event 2 JBL after a Clothesline From Hell Event 3 Great Event 4 Batista after a SPear Event 5 Great Promo Event 6 MVP after a Playmaker Event 7 Great Match which is won by Shelton Benjamin Event 9 The Miz gets DQ'd after Morrison gets involved EVent 10 Kurt after an Angle Slam Event 11 Evan puts on a Show, but losses to Knox's power after a Knox Out Event 13 This turns into a Mass Brawl leaving no winner Main Event This was great Good show 9 out of 10

  • 1 decade ago

    dude i wouldnt happen to be canajoe? would i? either way







    ma beast



    doom and twilight



    shaun cold


    mr. e






    end of my match promo- am i really that underrated? who do you think i am Colin Delany? am i a jobber? am i really that pathetic? am i charley Hauss? No. I am the Canadian Doomsday Device i am Canada Joe, and Im comming for the winner of the royal rumble. Your *** is mine.

  • 1 decade ago

    I Quit. Now that I am back in school, I want to be focused. I will see you next year. Good-Bye.

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  • Matt
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    its adam streets. it's not really that hard. theres an s at the end.

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