Competitive Advantage?

What are the building blocks of competitive advantage? Why is obtaining a competitive advantage important to managers?

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    You want to gain competitive advantage in order to win profitable purchase orders and continuously beat your competition in the battle for share of market. That is, you are going develop a business strategy that describes how your business will compete in order to achieve a superior sustainable financial performance.

    To gain competitive advantage you can have several approaches:

    1 Becoming the low-cost provider of products and services (Wal-Mart typical example)

    2- Developing differentiated, innovative products and services (Apple)

    3- Targeting a narrow niche: geography, industry, product/service (niche in high-end products/services Masseratti, Ferrari, NetJets for example)

    4- Employing differentiated methods and approaches (UPS, IKEA, Toyota)

    5- Exploiting all nine factors of Gordon’s CUSTOMER model

    You can read more of this in chapter 12 of “Entrepreneurship 101: How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Machine” author Michael E. Gordon, PhD

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    Source(s): Entrepreneurship 101: How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Machine” author Michael E. Gordon, PhD
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