Where can I find an online Quran that does not use "thee, thou, hast, etc..."?

my friend borrowed my Quran so I've been trying to read the Quran online. the only problem is this...I find Qurans online but the english translations confuse me when they use "thee, thou, hast, etc..." I mean, I know what those words mean but I don't speak like that so I have a hard time paying attention to what I'm reading when it's using words I never use.


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    Thoust can findest such translation 'ere:


  • I'm also reading a translation of the quran at the moment and it's been annoying me too i don't know why they do that. So i decided to read it in arabic but it's very difficult you can try this site below


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    Use the Hilali- Dr. Mohsin Khan version of the tranlsation. Its in modern and simple english. Below are examples for each of the famous three translators: Shakir, Picthall and YusufAli.

    _____________________ _ _ _

    [Shakir 3:9] Our Lord! surely Thou art the Gatherer of men on a day about which there is no doubt; surely Allah will not fail (His) promise.

    [Yusufali 3:9] "Our Lord! Thou art He that will gather mankind Together against a day about which there is no doubt; for Allah never fails in His promise."

    [Pickthal 3:9] Our Lord! Lo! it is Thou Who gatherest mankind together to a Day of which there is no doubt. Lo! Allah faileth not to keep the tryst.

    [Hilali 3: 9] "Our Lord! Verily, it is You Who will gather mankind together on the Day about which there is no doubt. Verily, Allah never breaks His Promise".


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    +1, I need it too...its confusing to read with thee and thou

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