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Can the main character be the narrator?

I'm writing a book, and I was thinking about being a little more creative by making the main character as the narrator. But the main character is not my real name because I don't want anyone to know that I'm the main character. so would it be weird if the author had a different name then the main character whose narrating the movie? i hope that makes sense! lol :)


i ment book, not movie!

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    yeh its certainly fine. I'm a young "writer" my self (I write stories and draw comics-none published) im only 12 so...yeh. that'd be just fine. sometimes i think of my stories as moves too- no need to be embarrassed. lol.

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    Of course the main character can be the narrator. It happens quite often that the story is told in first person.

    As far as anyone knowing if it is you or not...that is why you can either say it is a work of fiction, or publish using a pseudonym, which is another name in place of your own.

    Example: Stephen King used the name RIchard Bachman for a long while, until people finally found out.

  • Of course the main character can narrate? A lot of books are like that. And besides, nobody expects the main character (or any character) to have the same name as the author. I certainly don't.

    Source(s): I read a lot:)
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    yes, I have actually read several books (like As I Lay Dying) where the narration was the thoughts of the character (but that's a hard way to write...), Often the narrator is the main character after the fact (spoken in past tense)

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    You skip the writing in those scenes. But still manage to show that school has an impact on your characters plot or lifestyle. Briefly describe what her school is like and incorporate that into a general sense that when she goes to school that's pretty much what happens. The school should have some sort of significance on the plot otherwise its useless information.

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    Most characters don't have the same name as the author.

    You could say something like this at the beginning though, "This is a story about (fill in character's name). (S)He has been put through a lot so for his (or her) sake, we have changed the names and places of people and things."

    Hope i helped.

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    Most definitely! to the first question.

    The rest sort of confuses me a bit. Just give the main character a different name than yours and you're fine. If I'm not understanding this correctly, let me know. I'll check back soon.

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    You use "first person" point of view, and everything is "I did this or that" or "I said."

    Change your name.

    It is not weird at all. Many writers put themselves into their own books and relate it in first person, but they change the name of the main character.

    Many other writers will do a book in first person for a character who is nothing like them, because 1st person is the best way to tell the story.

    I suggest you hit the library and read as many 1st person books as you can find! Those writers will help you figure out how to do it, too.

    Many of my books are in first person, and the man characters are NOTHING like me! ;>)

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    A lot of books have a MC as a narrator....

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    Yeah, you make sense but it's not any more creative because it's used constantly.

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