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If someone is "mentally exhausted" what does it mean?

My mum called me that today because I was having a fit. Does it mean I'm ill? :(


i ♥ hershey, I just saw another rude answer you posted on someone's question. So unless you're gonna be serious and respectful, then don't bother answering!

Update 2:

lilygirl2727 - same goes for you too and anybody else out there.

Update 3:

She said "exhausted" not "exhausting". I think I know what she said, I was there!

Update 4:

Actually, i ♥ hershey, you misread my question but not only that, you were damn right rude!

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    Did your Mum say you, yourself were 'mentally exhausted' or did she accuse you of being 'Mentally exhausting'?

    To be mentally exhausted is to be affected or fatigued due to a 'bottling up' of emotion or a 'large outburst'...for example if you have had a busy week and gone through alot of stress and emotion by the end of it you may feel mentally exhausted and not with interact and challenge your mind to much.

    I wouldn't immediately say you are mentally ill, being mentally exhausted certainly does not mean this, however it can be a symptom of depression and anxiety issues.

    To be called mentally exhausting could suggest testing someones patience with reference to what I said above. If in doubt visit your local GP

    Hope that helps :)

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    Mentally Exhausted

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    mentally exhausted is when you are exposed to lots of stress for a certain period of time. This causes you to become mentally exhausted. This just mens your brain spent alo of time in overdrive and cant deal with being in overdrive anymore. Mental exhaustion can be helped by supplementing with b-vitamins, gingko biloba, Ginseng, fish oils and magnesium. These can help your brain recouperate and help your mind become clear and keep it working at a normal pace even when exposed to stress.

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    I think what your mum means, is that you are tired mentally instead of physically. When you feel yourself about to have a fit, go into another room and try to calm down and not feel so stressed.

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    It means exactly what it says. Take a break. You might be stressed. If you're relaxed, you're less likely to have "fits".

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    yup, they mean the same. It's just 'mentally challenged' is now the accepted or politically correct term. Mentally retarted used to be used all the time decades ago.

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    It means you mentally exhaust her because you are such a brat. It applies to her not you. But you probably think everything is about you, Don't cha?

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    You are just tired mentally. Just relax, there's nothing wrong with you. We all need a break. :)

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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Physically they mean: Height, weight, eye color, ect. Mentally they mean: Funny, smart, ect...

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    means u dont get enough sleep and results in mood swings anger problems and fits. u shud have around 8+hours sleep so slepp!

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