Does Ann Taylor Loft sell Tall sizes in store?

I don't think they do, but am just curious. I might go shopping by there today but don't want to drive 45 minutes if I won't be able to find some pants/jeans that I need! I've shopped at this local Ann Taylor Loft but never actually looked for pants/jeans in tall, guess I just assumed they don't sell those lengths in store....obviously they do online but I end up having to return a bunch of times before I find what I want...PITA!

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    My particular store does not sell tall, and I have never seen a store in my area (Orlando) that does. This leads me to believe that you can only get them online. However, if I were you I would call the store you are going to and just ask them. Also, if you buy a pair online that don't work out for you, you can return them at any Loft store.

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    Loft Tall

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    Ann Taylor Tall

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    Yes we do, some stores actually carry them. If there is not one around you, you can also order them online, also if you do not want to pay for the shipping and handling if you have a Loft card you can go in the store and get them to order it and send it to your house and if it is full price it is free shipping. Hope it helps.

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