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Who is the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the United States.?

Is it Barack Hussein Obama. Or is it Eric weak in Knees Holder.


The President of the United States,

as outlined in the Constitution is the

Chief Law Enforcement officer of the

country. The AG works as appointed

cabinet member of the President,

Update 2:

jimmy, you can say war crimes. Do you

understand the defintion of War Crimes.

I sincerly doubt it. Don't mouth inflamatory words, you don't or can't

support the meaning of. In your best

case scenario articulate WHAT war


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  • Anonymous
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    It is clearly outlined in the Constitution of the United States. The

    Sitting President is the Chief law enforcement officer of the country,

    So when Obama says his hands are tied, in regards to Holder and

    the witchunt over CIA operatives. Obama is doing what he does

    best LIE.

  • J&J
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    1 decade ago

    President Obama. The President can replace Holder at any time.

    Interesting to note that Eric Holder's law firm is getting most of the business from the Gitmo detainees law representation. Hmmm...

  • 1 decade ago

    I've always understood the president is the chief law enforcement officer, but that he is only qualified to act in accordance with and in submission to the Constitution. As we all know, our limp-wristed, swishy president spent his very brief and unremarkable law career undermining the Constitutional rights of average citizens, so to expect him to abide by it now is unrealistic. He is far too immature and underqualified to be in a position of power, and is better suited to being a bat boy for the Yankees or a bedpan cleaner in a hospital, one that is run privately, not by the government I might add.

    • Marc2 years agoReport

      Said the sad little lonely nobody loser on the internet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Leon Panetta

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  • 1 decade ago

    When Holder and the rest of the world succeed in bringing war crimes against the toy poodle (dubya) and his pit bull (cheney) you will see how weak his knees are. Some people think this country is incapable of wrong doing. Or if we are its okay be cause we are the worlds big cheese. Right is right and wrong is wrong and ne'er the twain shall meet. Stay tuned my ain't seen nothing yet.

  • Todd A
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    1 decade ago

    Eric Holder.after all he is the attorney general.

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