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Shouldn't communion service be on Sabbaths like the first-through-fifth-century churches?

Angie: Jesus kept the 10 Commandments, but violated pharisaical traditions. Chruch traditions are called "vain" by our Savior thus He was called a transgressor by those who felt they had the right to CHANGE GOD'S LAW.--sound familiar?


If you've ever read Socrates works, he is very thorough, and the two Roman capitols mentioned kept what they called "the Lord's Day" sacred:

"“For although almost all churches throughout the [fifth century] world celebrate the sacred mysteries on the Sabbath (22) of every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition, have ceased to do this.

The Egyptians in the neighborhood of Alexandria, and the inhabitants of Thebaïs [480 miles S. of Alexandria], hold their religious assemblies on the Sabbath, but do not participate of the mysteries in the manner usual among Christians in general: for after having eaten and satisfied themselves with food of all kinds [like it says in 1 Cor. 11:33,34], in the evening making their offerings[23] they partake of the mysteries.”

Footnote 22: Sunday is never called ‘the Sabbath’ by the ancient Fathers and historians,

but ‘the Lord’s day’ (κυριακή). Sophocles (Greek Lex.

of the Rom. and Byzant. Period) gives three senses to the word; viz., 1. ‘The Sabbath’

[of the Jews] (so in the LXX and Jewish writers). 2. ‘The week.’ 3. ‘Saturday.’ Many early Christians, however, continued to observe the Jewish Sabbath along with the first day of the week [In Rome, Italy; and Alexandria, Africa]. Cf. Bingham, Christ. Antiq. XX.

Taken from: Post-Nicene_Fathers:_Series_II/Volume_II…

Update 2:

BTW: Ethopian Christians continued to keep the Sabbath for another five centuries until they were "corrected."

Update 3:

Morpoc: God has told us in Scripture rightly devined. And Mark and Luke did not sacrifice their foreskins yet they are cannonized.

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    myself< when I take communion I think of what it says in Corinthians to do it in remembrance of him,Jesus. I think it is okay to do it every da if you want. I bought some wafers from a religious store so could take communion at my home.

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    As a some what yet admittingly not a instructor of Church background i'm able to aid you be attentive to that your purely undeniable incorrect. Even in the Epistles it incredibly is sizeable that the 1st Christians have been already accumulating on the Lords Day. For the 1st yrs of the recent Christian faith the two Saturday and Sunday have been celebrated yet because of the fact the Church grew to grow to be extra Gentile and much less Jewish Saturday replaced into not the popular day. with the aid of purely analyzing the writings of the early Church Fathers you will observe they noted as with the aid of then a twin call for Sunday gatherings certainly one of which replaced into the Sabbath day of the Lord and the Lords day. Why not ask why do Christians not get up before daybreak on the lords day to worship as that replaced right into a difficulty-free prepare then. i'd desire to offer you a lenghty dialogue on early Church prepare it particularly is not achieved in the way they did it then,which contain confession.might you want to bypass as much as the altar and kneel before the Priest and characteristic a masking placed over you and confess your sins or maybe worse yet get up in the accumulating of worshipers and confess your sins and then be regularly occurring to the entire Christian community as a sinner with the aid of having to stand exterior the accumulating place while the worshipers gained the Holy Eucharist and as a penance possibly based how severe the sin do it for yrs. nicely the way issues have been achieved are diverse at present as we replaced specific counsel on the thank you to be extra forgiving which contain in the act and penance of the confessional.As in my Church we've got long previous from the little container with the sliding window door to putting in a undeniable room with a clergyman in a extra Fatherly putting.the way it particularly is achieved has replaced in my existence time purely because it has replaced over the centuries however the purpose and strikes are an identical. additionally in case you re examine the previous testomony you will understand the Sabbath replaced into for the Jews and replaced into binding on no human beings.

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    If people are worshipping god on the wrong day, I guess he would find a way to let them know.


    You actually believe Socrates had an opinion on the Sabbath?

    Socrates had a foreskin.

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    everyday is the Lord's day for a devoted traditional Catholic

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