How can I get my dog to stop peeing in the middle of the night?

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I have a 7 months old Shih Tzu and he sleeps in his crate. But in the middle of the night he'll cry and cry for me to open his crate and let him out to pee. I've done that a more
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As Garfield once said "it is so obvious that rocks evolved from dogs."

Your puppy is smart enough to know even at his early age that crying in the middle of the night will get you to come to his rescue. I have an older dachshund that is doing the same thing. I found that putting a sheet over her crate for the night keeps her from waking as much. You may also try placing your puppy in a different room, or roping off a tiled area and using what are known as "Wee Pads" when you are ready to let him sleep out of the crate.

I know it is hard (both emotionally and on the ears) to hear him cry at night, but if you can make it though a night or two, then he should stop. For you, I can only recommend ear plugs or sleeping pills.

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Thanks a lot.
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  • Texperson answered 5 years ago
    The more you respond to the crying, the more he will do it. It's for attention. Just be sure you take him out right before going to sleep and that he empties his bladder.

    Just let him cry for a few nights, he will realize no one is coming anymore, and he will go back to sleep.
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  • Borderline Collie answered 5 years ago
    Ignore the whining.

    He's realized that when he whines you will come running to "rescue" him and give him attention.
    At 7months old he should be able to hold it through the night.
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  • Bert answered 5 years ago
    let the dog out before you go to bed.Also put down newspaper with showing the dog where to go if it needs to.dogs are as smart as us humans
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    i have a shitzu ,but hes 15. male dogs tend to go more often than females. i always make sure i let him out in the garden for a good 15 minutes before going to bed. if he still does it ,it could be a bladder infection?
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  • Sarah Dylan answered 5 years ago
    Yeah I'm taking my puppy out to pee and 1am and 4am and 7am. I'm gradually going to change it so soon it will be midnight, 5am and 9am. Gradually his bladder control will get better as he gets used to it. Try this, perhaps?
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  • Lee answered 5 years ago
    The purpose of crate training is so they will go in the crate, and lay in it. This trains them to hold it, NOT the instant pee reliever. Put the dog where you can't hear it, and sleep. BUT be aware that he dog should only be able to hold it for two hours, plus one for every two months of age. He still needs one bathroom break overnight.
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  • **polish princess**(get over it) answered 5 years ago
    you should make a doggie door for him and teach him how to use it or try to take him out before u go to sleep more often i gues also no water couple hrs before bed.
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  • Bella answered 5 years ago
    you shouldnt train your small puppy just to hold it in. younger animals haven't developed the proper muscles to do that. you should plan on taking your dog out in the middle of the night anyway until he can hold it in and sleep through the night.

    dont worry you wont have to wake up as much as he gets older

    good luck
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