english translation required of these hindi/urdu sentences : thanks?

english translation required of these hindi/urdu sentences :

1) Mere kapray (clothes) sb se neeche rakhhen hue hen suit case men

2) Mummy kahan he mere kapray (clothes) men ne saara suit case

dekh lya he ab to bhai k kapray bhi nazar agaye hen lekin mere

kapray (clothes) abhi tak nahi mile hen aap ne kaha tha k sb se

aakhir men tumharay bhai k kapray (clothes) hen aur un se pehle ki

row men tumharay kapray (clothes) hen.

3) mera dost gutter men gir gya tha badi mushkil se usay nikala he

4) Meri shirt grill men phans k phat gai he.

5) Meri shirt men buhut saaray sorakh (holes) hogye hen.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) my clothes are all the way on the bottom of the suitcase

    2) Mom where are my clothes. I searched the whole suitcase that soon i may find my clothes but my clothes are no where to be seen, you told me that all the way on the bottom was your brothers clothes and before that row is your clothes

    3)my friend fell in the gutter. with a lot of difficulty we took him out

    4) my shirt got stuck in the grill and ripped

    5)there are alot of holes in my shirt now

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  • 4 years ago

    1) men ne apne kapray (clothes) istri (iron) karne wale se istri (iron) karwaye hen......... I got my clothes ironed by the ironing lady. 2) men ne apna computer , computer repairer se repair karwaya he I got my computer repaired by the computer technician. 3) wo mujhe achanak se raastay men milgaya I suddenly met him on the way. 4) meri rastay men usse takkar hogai thi I ran into (him/her) on the way.

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