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French covers of popular English songs? Preferbly this year?

Just doing a French assignment and want some french music in the background, and it would be cool if i could get a popular english song that everyone knows done by some french band.

Does anybody know any good covers?? Thanks


oh, by the way... they have to sing it in french. so it's translated.... :)

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    Coeur de Pirate's version of Umbrella is enjoyable.

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    French Covers Of American Songs

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    Comme d'habitude = My way

    Le monde est stone = The world is stone

    SOS d'un terrien en détresse = Only the very best

    Le Blues du Businessman (Starmpania) = I would love to change the world (Tycoon)

    J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie = I dream a dream

    Salut les amoureux = City of new Orleans

    Tomber (Gerald de Palmas) = Ten days (Céline Dion)

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    Many popular English and American songs have been sung in French. Can you be more specific about the type?

    Otherwise, I suggest:

    Le Temps qui Court, originally Could it Be Magic by Donna Summer

    les Yeux Ouverts, by Enzo Enzo, originally Dream a Little Dream of Me,

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    or Pleurer des Rivières by Viktor Laszlo, Cry me a River

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    Yelle is a really popular french singer

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    Robyn's song, "Who's that Girl" was covered by french singer Yelle, "Qui est cette fille"

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