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Are the 49ers going to win the Super Bowl this year?

We've won the second most super bowls in NFL history. We've had about three or four down years.

However, we're 3-0 this preseason. Will we be super bowl champs?

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    No, but they will be much better than last year and a playoff team. To the answer stating that they have the same amout of Super Bowl wins as Dallas..remember San Francisco is 5-0 in the Super match, better than your 5-3. We never went to the SuperBowl and lost. Good day now!

  • Preseason records mean nothing. I don't think our defense is strong enough to let us become super bowl champs. I'd rather lose in the playoffs than make and lose the super bowl, mostly to keep that 5-0 record in super bowls. I'm predicting 9-7 with a loss in the first round of the playoffs. Then next season will be the super bowl year.


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    They may squeak into the playoffs, but that will be about it. They are much improved, but do not appear to be a Super Bowl bound team.

    Then again, who would have picked Arizona to go to the Super Bowl last year?

    In the NFC, I think the Green Bay Packers are going to be the team to beat. They have incredible talent on both sides of the ball, and have looked unstoppable this preseason. My bet is also Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

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    I doubt they will win it all. The 49ers do have in there favor that the NFC West might be the weakest division in the NFL, so I think they might make the playoffs. I'll put my money on Seattle or Arizona winning that division. By the way preseason wins means nothing. Detroit is 2 and 1 right now. Detroit might not even win two games the entire regular season?

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    I live in the bay area and even I don't think they will. The preseason doesn't mean anything. The Colts were 0-4 during the preseason in the year they won the super bowl.

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    No you might go 8-8. The Lions went 4-0 last year in the preseason, and if you recall they didn't win the super bowl. They didn't even win a game.

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    49ers could be a playoff team within the next 5 years but probably not win the superbowl.

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    Theirs a 01% chance of the 49ers winning the Super Bowl.

  • Dallas has the same amount of superbowls and will win another before the 49ers do because we have as much if not more talent than anyone in the league and SF has way to many holes to fill. Tonights game Dallas's starting defense held SF to 102 total yards in the first half.

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    Yes they will! If every team decides to play their preseason rosters and cut their starters. But assuming this will not happen, highly unlikely would the Niners could jump back into their glory days in one season seeing how they're still in the beginning of their rebuilding phase, but wait, beginning of the rebuilding phase, haven't they been doing that for the last... 5 years??

    I'm Niners fan myself, and I think it's unlikely, but I'll root for them. Anything can happen really.

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