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full in love with my manager..

i work at the company for already 2 years and my manager are so much take care me, He is 50 years and i am 22.....he is married and i had a bf and we been together for 7 years. he just like father's age and everytime we work together, i know we enjoy and happy to see each other, and he did tell me" if he is 20 years younger, he will marry me" and something like just make me so confuse..for my birthday this year, he bought me some thing and wrote a birthday card to me(he didn't treat his staff like that),and delivery to me. it touch me so much.....i know i like him so much....but i didn't mean i want to break other's family or may be he just treat like a daughter(he had no kids)so ....i really don't know what i want,


thank you about your advice .....

i got you.....

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    Honest, I don't suggust you still thinking of him, please the below.

    1.) He never says he loves you, he may likes you, he may treats you well or better than the other stuff, but which is not mean he wants together with you. He will ask you whether together with him, if he really loves you or he also know that you don't have a future.

    2.) What do you think, if you are his wife. You together with this guy maybe over 10 years, then he loves another girl who is younger than him over 20 years. So curle, you got many choices, but his wife maybe alone the rest of her life, if he leaves her.

    3.) How's your bf, he always treats you well, why you only thinking about your manager. Please think about your bf, how good is he NOT your manger.

    4.) Don't forget he is 50 now and you just only 22, what happen after 10 to 15 years. Can you willing to take care of him, when he is 60 or 70??

    But the main point is not the age, my main point is, he is married, you should not break his family.

    5.) Only what I can say is ... eventhought both of you love each others, but which is not mean you should together with him. SO DON'T THINK TOO MUCH.

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