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    我今天要說的是這個鉛筆盒的故事。= What I am going to tell today is the story of my pencil case.

    它是我媽媽做的,上頭的圖案是一隻沉睡的老狗,背面有我的英文名字──Emma。= It was made by my mother, there is a sleeping old dog logo on it, with my English name Emma at the back of the pencil case.

    我以前有許多鉛筆盒,但他們全都太小了,我有數不盡的東西需要攜帶,媽媽看見我天天爆滿的鉛筆盒,便說要親手縫一個給我。= I had many pencil cases before, but they were all too small, as I needed to bring a lot of things, my mother saw me bringing pencil case which was too packed everyday, therefore, she said she wants to make one for me.

    那段時間,我常看見媽媽鎮日在縫紉,一針一線都細心無比,雖說縫紉是她的興趣,但我知道,媽媽是替我著想才會如此辛苦。= During that period of time, I saw my mother sewing the pencil case everyday, each stitch was sewing with care, although sewing is her hobby, but I knew my mother was doing this hardwork for me.

    當鉛筆盒完成時,媽媽甚至比我還要欣喜。每當我注視著我的鉛筆盒,都會感受到媽媽對我的愛。= When the pencil case was made, my mother was more excited than me. Whenever I looked at my pencil case, I could always feel my mother's love for me.


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  • hong
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    What I must say today is this pencil case's story. It is my mother does, the above design is a deep sleep old dog, back has my English name ──Emma. I before has many pencil cases, but they too have been all young, I have the countless things to need to carry, mother sees me daily the very full pencil case, then said that must kiss inter-finger space one to give me. That period of time, I often see mother all day in tailoring, the smallest bits of property carefully incomparable, although tailoring is her interest, but I knew, mother is considers for me only then can be so laborious. When the pencil case completes, mother even must be more joyful than me. Whenever I am gazing at my pencil case, can feel mother to my love.

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