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Typical vertical speed for a jetliner?

What is the typical vertical speed (rate of ascent) of a jetliner during takeoff and ascent?

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    Chris and the others basically have it right. 2000-3000 fpm is typical. Initial climb rates can be much more (6000+ fpm) in many jet aircraft, but after departure there are almost always altitude restrictions to comply with, so you climb quickly to a safe altitude (approx 1,500 feet) after takeoff then reduce the climb rate to avoid over-running the altitude restriction. It is not unusual for the first altitude restriction to be under 5,000 feet above ground, so if you go blasting skyward at 6,000 feet per minute, you'll soon have to nose over abruptly which is very uncomfortable for the passengers. The typical rate of ascent in the last 1,000 feet before a level off is typically 1000 fpm to make the transition a smooth one.

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    3000 fpm or so after take off. As they get higher, it will gradually get lower as pilots will trade vertical speed for airspeed. At the high altitudes, they may only climb at 1000 fpm or so.

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    lets talk it to 737,

    typical VS during takeoff-3500 fpm...then they come under speed restriction....its not more than 250 knots under 10000 they will adjust the VS as such that the aircraft is not to steep climbing under 250 kias...well the speed restriction varies form place to place..

    also above mostly 20000 ft, you cannot climb more than 2000 fpm as it can reduce speed and result in stall...and above 25000, it decrees to 500-600 fpm to keep the speeds safe.

    during descend, the pilot will fix a speed, and the auto throttle shall control it...and the VS can be around -2500fpm to 3000 fpm...below this the aircraft can go into a steep dive....resulting in uncontrollable dive....thus...crash...

    so hope it helps!!

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    Climb rates of 2000-6000 feet per minute are possible, rates of 2500-3500 are probably most common. There are many variables that influence climb rate (in addition to the pilots' own control commands), including everything from aircraft weight and outside air temperature to the age and exact model of the engines (new engines may produce more power than aging engines, and more recent engine types are more powerful than their predecessors).

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    I have had my Garmin 296 on several flights, 737's most of the time. On climb out it would be between 2000fpm and 3000fpm most of the time.

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    2000-3000 feet per minute (my guess)

    I usually fly smaller airplanes like Cessna 172/150 which have a vertical speed of around 500 feet per minute

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