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how many week are played in one regular nhl season. and how do the MBL playoffs work?

k i know there are 82 games played in one nba and nhl season, but i want to know how many weeks are in one regular season for the nba and the nhl.

how many game are played in one basebal regular season,

how are the teams spit up into two leagues random or is there some kind of reason. i get how the playoffs work in the nhl but i don't really know how major league baseball playoffs work; and with it coming up soon it would be nice to know the system

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    162 Games Each.

    There are 6 Divisions in baseball:

    The AL East, Central and West

    The NL East, Central and West

    The teams in each of there respective divisions play for a play-off spot, which the team with the best record wins there division and goes to the play-offs.

    The team with the 2nd best record in the whole league (American and National) Will get the Wild Card Spot.

    In the invent of a tie, a 1 game play-off will be made (pushing the total too 163 regular season games)

    For the play-offs, the Best Plays the worst like NHL, but not from the same division. (The best in AL East, can't play the worst in the play-offs if he is also in the AL East via wild card making him play the 2nd best.

    So the first round or the ALDS/NLDS (American/National League Division Series) Is played in the best of 5 series.

    The winnings teams advancing on to the ALCS/NLCS (American/National League Championship Series) There they play in a best of 7 series. The respective winners of that both advance to the World Series, in which the league that one the All-Star game gets home field advantage. They then play in a 7 game series to see who wins the World Series.

    The main difference between MLB and NHL play-offs are the amount of teams, MLB only has 4 in each league 8 total compared to NHL 16 total, and the first round in the MLB play-offs is 5 game series compared to the NHL's 7.

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    162 games are played in one MLB season 81 are away 81 are home.

    ok i only know about the MLB (not MBL) but im assumming ur refering to major leauge baseball. and the teams are randomized according to region, and if states with two clubs or more(CA) they can't all be in one leauge 30 teams 15 in each leauge NL and AL 5 teams 3 divisions.


    WildCard- team with best record in their leauge that did not win their division

    best team in each division goes to the ALDS/NLDS( American/National leauge division Series)

    Wild Card vs. Central division and East Vs. West or w/e best out of five advances

    ALCS/NLCS(American/National leauge championship series)

    Winners of the ALDS/NLDS face off in a best of seven series

    Winners of ALCS and NLCS go head to head in the world series

    best out of seven home field advantage goes to the leauge that won the All star game.

    Winner is the World series champion

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