Rate my names, please help?

Please rate my baby names! I would really appreciate the help, as I'm not getting enough honest feedback on them. Please rate the names on a scale of 1 - 10, one being "I hate it and am calling Social Services on you right now", 10 being "I love it and I named/will name my child this". I'm exagerrating, but you get the point.

If I'm planning on using a nickname, you'll see it in parentheses. So while I'd call my son Nicholas "Nick," I'm not planning on calling James "Jimmy".

Comments are appreciated, and suggestions are welcome, but names that you shouldn't bother suggesting include Blake, Jordan, Neveah, Hayden, or any variations on those.



Samuel (Sam) Christopher

Nicholas (Nick) Alexander

Jeremy Edward

Andrew Ryan

Henry Lee

Jacob Dominic

Ryan Finlay

William (Billy) Kenneth

John (Johnny) Alexander

Kenneth (Kenny) John

Evan Andrew

Daniel Roy

Adam Robert

James Bradley

Charles (Charlie) Leo

Luke William

Rhett Edward

Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob

Ian Michael

Colby Wyatt

Wheeler Joseph

Robert (Robbie) Maximo

Cole Stephen

Jack William


Lucy Rose

Madeleine Mackenzie

Sophia Louise

Audrey Grace

Ava Jane

Natalie Clare

Maura Katherine

Charlotte Alexandra

Grace Elizabeth

Lily Virginia

Emily Marie

Marina Leigh

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    Samuel (Sam) Christopher - 7

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander - 8

    Jeremy Edward - 6

    Andrew Ryan - 6

    Henry Lee - 9

    Jacob Dominic - 6

    Ryan Finlay - 8

    William (Billy) Kenneth - 6

    John (Johnny) Alexander - 7

    Kenneth (Kenny) John - 5

    Evan Andrew - 5

    Daniel Roy - 5

    Adam Robert - 6

    James Bradley - 9

    Charles (Charlie) Leo - 9

    Luke William - 9

    Rhett Edward - 5

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob - 7

    Ian Michael - 7

    Colby Wyatt - 2

    Wheeler Joseph - 2

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo - 4

    Cole Stephen - 4

    Jack William - 9


    Lucy Rose - 8

    Madeleine Mackenzie - 2

    Sophia Louise - 8

    Audrey Grace - 6

    Ava Jane - 6

    Natalie Clare - 5

    Maura Katherine - 9

    Charlotte Alexandra - 8

    Grace Elizabeth - 4

    Lily Virginia - 9

    Emily Marie - 2

    Marina Leigh - 5

  • Boys:

    Samuel (Sam) Christopher- 7

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander-5

    Jeremy Edward-4 dont like the edward part

    Andrew Ryan- 9

    Henry Lee-3

    Jacob Dominic - 7

    Ryan Finlay -6

    William (Billy) Kenneth - 4

    John (Johnny) Alexander - 7

    Kenneth (Kenny) John -4

    Evan Andrew - 5

    Daniel Roy - 3

    Adam Robert - 3

    James Bradley -6

    Charles (Charlie) Leo - 3

    Luke William - 2

    Rhett Edward - 1

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob - 7

    Ian Michael - 7

    Colby Wyatt -6

    Wheeler Joseph - 5

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo - 3

    Cole Stephen - 4

    Jack William - 4


    Lucy Rose - 6

    Madeleine Mackenzie - 8

    Sophia Louise - 3

    Audrey Grace - 6

    Ava Jane - 2

    Natalie Clare - 5

    Maura Katherine - 1

    Charlotte Alexandra - 1

    Grace Elizabeth - 3

    Lily Virginia - 1

    Emily Marie - 8

    Marina Leigh -7

  • 1 decade ago


    Samuel (Sam) Christopher 5

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander 6

    Jeremy Edward 4

    Andrew Ryan8

    Henry Lee 4

    Jacob Dominic 7

    Ryan Finlay7

    William (Billy) Kenneth 4

    John (Johnny) Alexander 5

    Kenneth (Kenny) John 5

    Evan Andrew 8

    Daniel Roy 7

    Adam Robert 7

    James Bradley 7

    Charles (Charlie) Leo 7

    Luke William 8

    Rhett Edward 5

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob 6

    Ian Michael 8

    Colby Wyatt 9

    Wheeler Joseph 7

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo 8

    Cole Stephen 8

    Jack William 8


    Lucy Rose 6

    Madeleine Mackenzie 9

    Sophia Louise 6

    Audrey Grace 8

    Ava Jane 7

    Natalie Clare 9

    Maura Katherine 8

    Charlotte Alexandra 9

    Grace Elizabeth 6

    Lily Virginia 4

    Emily Marie 8

    Marina Leigh 10 :)

  • 1 decade ago


    Samuel (Sam) Christopher 1

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander 9

    Jeremy Edward 5

    Andrew Ryan 5

    Henry Lee 2

    Jacob Dominic 5

    Ryan Finlay 5

    William (Billy) Kenneth 3

    John (Johnny) Alexander 3

    Kenneth (Kenny) John 3

    Evan Andrew 4

    Daniel Roy 1

    Adam Robert 1

    James Bradley 4

    Charles (Charlie) Leo 1

    Luke William 1

    Rhett Edward 1

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob 5

    Ian Michael 7

    Colby Wyatt 3

    Wheeler Joseph 1

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo 1

    Cole Stephen 1

    Jack William 2


    Lucy Rose 1

    Madeleine Mackenzie 7

    Sophia Louise 4

    Audrey Grace 4

    Ava Jane 4

    Natalie Clare 4

    Maura Katherine 4

    Charlotte Alexandra 2

    Grace Elizabeth 7

    Lily Virginia 1

    Emily Marie 6

    Marina Leigh 7

    I like Nick Alexander and

    Madeleine Mackenzie the best! So cute!

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    NOTE: If i say 1 and then no it means i like absolutley nothing about the name and that the names just don't go together. just incase ur wondering! and if i just say nope and i give it like a 2 or 3 or whatever then its the same reason.


    Samuel (Sam) Christopher- 2, because I don't think the name flows enough. like samuel and christopher don't belong with each other.

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander- 2, i don't like them together.

    Jeremy Edward- 6, i like it i like! edward from twilight haha and jeremy from peter pan (and jeremy is the name of this guy i really like)

    Andrew Ryan- 2, behh i don't like it.

    Henry Lee- 3, not my fav.

    Jacob Dominic- 2, not really.

    Ryan Finlay- 1 Ryan Finley would have been better in my opinion.

    William (Billy) Kenneth- 2, William Kenneth doesn't sound good to me.

    John (Johnny) Alexander- 4, its alright.

    Kenneth (Kenny) John- 1, no lol.

    Evan Andrew- 3, hmm its actually okay.

    Daniel Roy- 2, Daniel is good but not the roy.

    Adam Robert- 2, nope i don't really like it.

    James Bradley- 3, hmm okay.

    Charles (Charlie) Leo- 1, NO haha

    Luke William- 2, Lucas William sounds better to me.

    Rhett Edward- 1, no.

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob- 1, no.

    Ian Michael- 4, cool cool i like it.

    Colby Wyatt- 1, nope nothing.

    Wheeler Joseph- 1, Jospeh Wheeler? flip flop maybe?

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo- 2, ehh not my fav.

    Cole Stephen- 2, Stephen Cole? again another flip flop?

    Jack William- 3, not bad not bad. it sounds pretty good together.


    Lucy Rose- 5, its okay lucy and rose don't sound the best together but it doesn't sound horrible.

    Madeleine Mackenzie- 10, LOVE IT! sounds good together. i like the m action going on.

    Sophia Louise- 1, nope. next...

    Audrey Grace- 2, ehh audrey and grace don't go good together.

    Ava Jane- 4, huh different. not tooo bad.

    Natalie Clare-1, EWWW natalie hate that name.

    Maura Katherine- 1, bleh bad. lol

    Charlotte Alexandra- 5, I would think her full name would be something like Charlotte Alexandra Rose. thats pretty!

    Grace Elizabeth- 1, flip flop it and then u have got some magic!

    Lily Virginia- 1, nope. i don't like it at all.

    Emily Marie- 1, nahh i don't like that name.

    Marina Leigh- 4, hmmmm not tooooo tooooo bad.

    So over all i really like:

    For the boy:

    Jeremy Edward

    For the girl:

    Madeliene Mackenzie

    and i didn't really like these names or at least not together haha but seperate or with differnt names and they would be great!

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    For boys i rate the name Ryan Finlay a 7 and the name Rhett Edward a 10.

    For girls i rate the name i rate the names Sophia Louise and Maura Katherine and Grace Elizabeth a 8 and the name Ava Jane a 9. Marina Leigh get my 10 vote for girls

    p.s those are just a few of the ones that i like out of you list. they are all great names, but those are my favorite

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    These are very creative! I am in love with the girl names! My favorite is Madeleine Mackenzie. So adorable! <3

  • 1 decade ago

    instead of luke william. I think it should be like Lucas William.. and call him luke for short(nickname) and for a girl, I liked emily marie... I love this name though, its a little bit unique :D Raylynn (spelt to your liking)

    Raelynn Hope

    Raylynn Hope

    Raylen Hope

    idk, however but i love that name :D

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