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Baby ball python question.?

my bbp has some light colored dots on his head could this be mites? can someone show me some pics of mites, also i have read alot about mites and he has been soaking alot, and scratching his head on his log alot more too.

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    Its possible. You should always take your snake to the vet even if your unsure. Heres a pictures of one on an albino python. I couldn't find any on balls.

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    the mites that ive seen on my snake and gotton rid of were little round black dots that moved around they kind of look like a moving scale

    heres a pic of 1

    Source(s): for the link reptile mites i searched on google images
  • 1 decade ago

    That is possible...It could also maybe be the outer skin separating from the underlying it can shed

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