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Dodgers vs. Yankees world series?

Looks like the yanks will steam roll the rest of the a.l. & in the n.l. either the phillies, cardinals or dodgers will play them in the world series..

Fun world series would be the dodgers vs. yanks..

dodgers win in 6?

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    Dodgers have the leadership of Torre,

    Dodgers in a good ole 7 game series

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    Well, if that occurs, the Yankees sweep the Dodgers with all blow-out scores. However, the Dodgers will not make it. Unlike most of the teams that are expected to make the playoffs, the Dodgers have no experience this decade. The Dodgers are slipping and if anyone is expected to take the NL, its probably the Cardinals. They have a rampaging offense that is complemented with a freak pitching staff.

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    IF the Dodgers can make it out of the NL there will be a lot to love about an LA/NY series....TV execs will love it because there are just too many stories to hype...

    Right now, however, the Cards are playing the best all-around baseball and the Dodgers have had more problems with them this year than with the Phils...

    The Dodger's main hope of getting past St. Louis would be to see them in the First Round with Home Field advantage. Then they have to get Manny back on track...With Home Field and Manny being Manny, I think the advantage goes back to LA...The key will if LA can get into the Redbird bullpen early...

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    I think the Yanks have a good shot at making the World Series.

    But for the National League, the Dodgers look like they would get beat in the NLCS by the Cardinals.

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  • I do agree that the Dodgers and the Yankees will play in the World Series but I think we can expect a Game 7 with the Yankees winning it.

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    That would be a great match up, the equivalent of Lakers vs. Celtics. But it's beginning to look like the Dodger's pitching is shot and that Manny off the juice plays like he has lost his mojo.

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    Nationals vs. Royals world series?

    go yankz- how the hell are the yankees going to win the world series in 3 games if its a best of 7 series.. you're an idiot

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    Nope. Dodgers can't beat the Cardinals. They proved that afew times recently. Sorry, I had to be honest. The biggest challenge for my Cardinals will be from the Phillies.

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    I agree with you on the Yankees winning the American League. As far as the National League, that's up in the air. All three teams play well under pressure so there will be no advantage there for any of them. It's going to be on ability or whoever plays the best in the final crucial games. Tough one, but I go with the Phillies as they are the National League champs. You have to beat them.

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    Phillies vs Yankees

    Phils in 6

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