Would you rate my names, please?

On a scale of 1 - 10, one being "I hate it and am calling Social Services on you right now", 10 being "I love it and I named/will name my child this). I'm exagerrating, but you get the point.

If I'm planning on using a nickname, you'll see it in parentheses. So while I'd call my son Nicholas "Nick," I'm not planning on calling James "Jimmy".

Comments are appreciated, and suggestions are welcome, but names that you shouldn't bother suggesting include Blake, Jordan, Neveah, Hayden, or any variations on those.



Samuel (Sam) Christopher

Nicholas (Nick) Alexander

Jeremy Edward

Andrew Ryan

Henry Lee

Jacob Dominic

Ryan Finlay

William (Billy) Kenneth

John (Johnny) Alexander

Kenneth (Kenny) John

Evan Andrew

Daniel Roy

Adam Robert

James Bradley

Charles (Charlie) Leo

Luke William

Rhett Edward

Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob

Ian Michael

Colby Wyatt

Wheeler Joseph

Robert (Robbie) Maximo

Cole Stephen

Jack William


Lucy Rose

Madeleine Mackenzie

Sophia Louise

Audrey Grace

Ava Jane

Natalie Clare

Maura Katherine

Charlotte Alexandra

Grace Elizabeth

Lily Virginia

Emily Marie

Marina Leigh

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    Samuel (Sam) Christopher: I like it. Samuel's a timeless, classy name. Unfortunately, there's a lot of girls out there named Sam. 7/10

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander: Love this combo, but it's a bit of a mouthful with eight syllables. Like Samuel, Nicholas is a good, solid name that ages well. 8/10

    Jeremy Edward: This flows really real. On the downside, I don't think Jeremy ages that well. 6/10

    Andrew Ryan: Don't really like this. The combo does sound good together, but I'm not too fond of either. 5/10

    Henry Lee: Love the name Henry, but with both ending in the "ee" sound, I don't like it as a combo. 5/10

    Jacob Dominic: This seems a bit odd. Jacob is a biblical, very common name while Dominic is out there in comparison. I like Dominic, though 5/10

    Ryan Finlay: I don't like Ryan, as it is uber common, and I like Finlay better spelled Finley. It would sound better as Finlay Ryan, in my opinion. 5/10

    William (Billy) Kenneth: Not too fond of either. I dislike Billy as a nickname, and hate Kenneth. 3/10

    John (Johnny) Alexander: This is timeless, and it flows rather well. I don't exactly like John, but I don't hate it, either. 6/10

    Kenneth (Kenny) John: Hate Kenneth, and John really doesn't sound good with it. 3/10

    Evan Andrew: I like Evan. It sounds good with Andrew. 7/10

    Daniel Roy: Another biblical name. I'm kinda neutral on this one. 5/10

    Adam Robert: I like this one. It flows well, and I like the name Adam; it ages well. 7/10

    James Bradley: I like James, but I despise Bradley. 5/10

    Charles (Charlie) Leo: This is nice. Charlie is a very nice nickname, and Leo goes well with it. 8/10

    Luke William: I like Lucas William better, but Luke William is nice. 7/10

    Rhett Edward: I don't know about this one. Rhett just seems weird to me. It' s nice, though, together. 7/10

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob: Like it! Flows well, and the nicknames are nice, as they age well. 8/10

    Ian Michael: Not a fan of either names, but it flows well. 6/10

    Colby Wyatt: I dislike both of these names. Colby just seems childish, and Wyatt just isn't pleasing to me. 4/10

    Wheeler Joseph: My least favorite. Wheeler? 2/10

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo: Robert's a good name, in my opinion, but Maximo is just plain weird. 5/10

    Cole Stephen: This doesn't flow very well. I like Cole, but Stephen I don't. 6/10

    Jack William: Love this one! 10/10


    Lucy Rose: I don't think it flows well, but it's pretty anyway. 7/10

    Madeleine Mackenzie: I don't know about this one. I've never been a fan of Madeleine and Mackenzie just seems weird next to it, as Mackenzie is a trendy name while Madeleine is clasy. 6/10

    Sophia Louise: I like it. The combo, for some reason, I don't exactly like, but it's pretty. 7/10

    Audrey Grace: So, so gorgeous. It's both visually and audibly pleasing, and just so pretty. My favorite! 11/10

    Ava Jane: Ava's pretty, and I love Jane as a middle name. 8/10

    Natalie Clare: This one is okay. I prefer Natalia to Natalie, but the combo is pretty. 7/10

    Maura Katherine: I dislike this one. Maura is not a very pretty name. 5/10

    Charlotte Alexandra: This combo seems a bit weird to me, as Charlotte is soft and delicate while Alexandra is strong. It sounds good together, though. 6/10

    Grace Elizabeth: Common, but very pretty and sweet. 9/10

    Lily Virginia: I like it! It flows very well, and it's very pretty. 9/10

    Emily Marie: Very, very, very common. That in itself makes me dislike it. 6/10

    Marina Leigh: So, so pretty. It's uber feminine, with a classy and sophisticated touch. Love it! 10/10



    Calvin Edward

    Colin Alexander

    Dominic Henry

    Emmett James

    Levi Joseph

    Jasper Henry

    Micah Alexander

    Zachary Joseph

    Finn Alexander

    Isaac Michael

    Maxwell Patrick

    Oliver John

    Nathan Joseph

    Caleb Andrew

    Carter Anderson

    Jonah Michael


    Eliza Grace

    Rosalie Elisabeth

    Nora Alexandra

    Caroline Elise

    Eva Katherine

    Lucy Margaret

    Eleanor (Ella/Ellie) Rose

    Alice Elisabeth

    Annabelle Clare

    Isabel Violet

    Scarlett Elisabeth

    Violet Amelia

    Stella Leigh

    Ruby Katherine

    Cora Louise

    Madeleine Amelia

    Matilda Elise

    Olivia Marie

    Leah Jane

    I tried to pick names that I thought would go with the names you liked. I hope you like them!

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    Samuel (Sam) Christopher =5 /10

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander = 5/10

    Jeremy Edward = 3/10

    Andrew Ryan = 5/10

    Henry Lee = 3/10

    Jacob Dominic = 9/10

    Ryan Finlay = 4/10

    William (Billy) Kenneth = 4/10

    John (Johnny) Alexander = 4/10

    Kenneth (Kenny) John = 4/10

    Evan Andrew = 6/10

    Daniel Roy = 5/10

    Adam Robert = 7/10

    James Bradley = 8/10

    Charles (Charlie) Leo = 7/10

    Luke William = 9/10

    Rhett Edward = 0/10

    Thomas (Tom, Tommy or Thomas) Jacob = 8/10

    Ian Michael = 2/10

    Colby Wyatt = 3/10

    Wheeler Joseph = 0/10

    Robert (Robbie) Maximo = 3/10

    Cole Stephen = 9/10

    Jack William = 7/10


    Lucy Rose = 6/10

    Madeleine Mackenzie = 7/10

    Sophia Louise = 9/10

    Audrey Grace = 6/10

    Ava Jane = 7/10

    Natalie Clare = 7/10

    Maura Katherine =2 /10

    Charlotte Alexandra = 6/10

    Grace Elizabeth = 6/10

    Lily Virginia = 7/10

    Emily Marie = 3/10

    Marina Leigh = 4/10

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    Out of 10: - Blake Grayson ~ 8 - Emmett Ayden ~ 9 - Aurelius James (or-ray-lee-as) ~ 4 - Dalton Roman ~ 4 - Sawyer Atticus ~ 7 - Oliver Paxton ~ 8 - Evelyn Rose ~ 7 - Ava Renee ~ 8 - Aurelia Grace (or-ray-lee-ah) ~ 9 - Novalee Rose ~8 - Lilianna Rosalie ~ 8

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    1 decade ago

    I really like Nick Alexander and Grace Elizabeth.

    Good luck on the naming! :)

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    i love the name lucy rose. its a really good name. it reminds me of my sisters name maiya love. and for boys wyatt as a first name instead of a middle. the first names im not vibing

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