what will be the next move?

Ok, my friend is an idiot let's get that out the way first and foremost. He has a gun, he got it from some friend. No it isn't registered or anything, he just keeps it for protection. He's an older guy, not a young street thug or anything, regular working guy. Today he went out and as usual put the gun on the trunk of the car while he opened it and did little crap before he got in. He forgot it on the trunk,drove all the way to the mall and when he came out of course cops had surrounded his car. He told them he didn't know where it came from. They took all of his info and asked him a few questions and let him go. He's been sitting at home scared as hell at what might happen next. He keeps saying they're gonna come and take him to jail, he's gonna lose his job etc. I am tired of him asking me what I think will happen, because I don't know. What will probably be the next move on the part of the police?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I suspect.

    The cops will test the gun to see if it was involved in a past crime.

    They may check to see if there are any finger prints on it. In which case your friend is in trouble.

    The thing I do know is.

    After the incident, its now long to late to be worried about the outcome. Just move on and hope nothing develops. And tell your friend that few people like him are able to use such a gun to protect them self when the time comes, so he is in fact safest with out it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why can't he come clean on where he got it from? Anyways the cops will keep pressuring him. Get a lawyer it will stop but he will get a misdemeanor charge. He should cooperate with the cops for if that gun was used in some bad asse stuff they will put him behind bars for with holding evidence.

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