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I'm thinking abouit getting a road bike, should I consider a cyclocross bike or a true road bike.?

I want to ride the crappy rural roads in New York State. Should I get a Cyclocross bike? or a triple chainring road bike.

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    A cyclocross bike is overkill for even crappy roads. Get a "true" road bike. The roads in NY can't be any crappier than the roads where I ride in Maryland. A triple chainring road bike works fine for me. A good compromise is to use 700C x 25 tires if the ride on 23s is too rough or you get a lot of pinch flats. Changing tires is relatively inexpensive.


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    You want a road bike with a triple unless you are ridding on dirt roads. A cyclocross bike is not needed and will be slower on paved surfaces. Get a mirror and look for cars before moving to the center of the road to miss those big pot holes. A few trips on any road and you should be able to remember where the really bad sections are.

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    If you are sticking to the roads, then get a road bike, but if you'll be doing some off road, then you could consider a cyclocross bike.

    I got myself a mountain bike based hybrid, with road tyres and gearing, for day to day use, and save my road bike for summer use on good roads, so you could think about one of those.

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    As long as the roads are paved, a road bike will do the job. I live north of the border in Quebec and roads here are worse. Many of my friends go to New York State to find better roads. We all ride road bikes here on the road

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    Road bikes are versatile. I agree that Cyclocross is overkill. Get 700c x 25 tires and a carbon fork. You can try a bike designed for absorbing road shock- Specialized Roubaix, Cannondale Synapse, etc. I would recommend a good steel bike (bianchi, jamis, surly). They are smooth rides.

    Triple chainring's good for climbing, but it's a hassle to clean and maintain. I prefer compact chainrings for climbing.

  • Carol
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    I own several bikes, and if I had to pick only one, it would be my touring bike. Drop handlebars are by far the most versatile type for all around riding. If your brake levers are set up properly, you ride most of the time with your hands on the hoods of the brake levers and you can use the brake levers from that position, if you prefer riding with your hands on the tops of the bars, you can install interrupter levers that you can reach from that position. You can install aero bars for use in a triathlon, and you can also install tires wide enough that you can ride off road like a cyclocross bike. A basket might be difficult to mount on drop bars, but a rear rack can mount open panniers that would serve the same function. If I could only own 1 bike, it would be my touring bike even though I own road bikes that are worth almost 10 times as much.

  • M V
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    I was faced with the same decision 2 years ago and got a 'cross bike and love it. I routinely need to handle some gravel and dirt paths and the 'cross bike handles that great. I also like the extra frame clearance for wider tires or even knobbies.

  • Probably cyclo-x. road bikes don't do well on rough roads.

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    road bike .. they are awesome !!!!

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