Is there such thing as a time delay component?

I need a time delay of about a second or two in a chassis similar to a diode or a resistor. NOT a relay. Thanks any help would be appreciated. Please include the name of such device and where I could buy one. I currently deal with Mouser but can't find what I'm looking for but they have millions of parts. Thanks


DC 12v. The only reason I don't want a relay is simply I don't have room on my PCB and in the enclosure. That's the same for a 555 chip. This device would be connected to a push button so you would have to hold the button down until power is let loose to travel to the coil of a latching relay.

Update 2:

As for the thermistor, I dont think that would work because the unit that i am trying to build will be working in colder temperatures as well as at room temp. I want it to be constant, non variable. Or am i missing the total point?

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