This is the dark time my love by Martin Cater?

I need to understand what this poem is about, im not quite sure..ican only understand the first stanza which i assume is a time frame, maybe in the evening approaching night..Im in need of desperate help..HELP ME..what is the poem about...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think i remember it. girl that was easy! anyways i did Literature for CSEC so let me give you a brief run through of this poem. now when i was writing out notes in class it was just a line from the poem and the point. all i had to do when i reached was expand on it. so you will have to expand on your points. here goes:

    "dark time" - bleak, no life, no hope among the people

    "the land brown beetles" - the British army

    "shining sun" - life, love, joy, hope

    "red flowers" - blood, life, joy

    "awful sorrow" - death, and oppression, killed out

    "dark metal" - guns

    "and tears" - of sorrow

    "festival of guns, the carnival of misery" - oxymoron

    the first line in the third stanza refers to the soldiers who are on patrol.

    "the slender grass" - hopes of the people

    "the man of death" - colonialism

    "the strange invader" - British army

    "your dream" - independence

    if you need any more help just email me. i'll pass along my notes.

  • 3 years ago

    when was this poem written??

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