Can you make me some outfits for school?

Hiya, my other question got deleted. So yeahh. I have a LOT of clothes, its just my style last year was skinny jeans and a t-shirt, and like it was so boring idk, i want to be different this year. like wear more skirts and dresses, wear lots of accessories like belts, scarves, and jewelry, and yeah. SO. if you could make me like as many outfits as you will on polyvore, (and if you dont know how to use polyvore just send me links from the stores sites), that would be wonderful! Some things I like to wear (to help you make outfits that i like)

-skinny jeans




-graphic tees



-funky colors



-flip flops


-sweat pants, (like the ones that go like right below the knee, or rolled up ones)

AND and and and... if i like most of your outfits, i would be happy to make you one, just say in your answer if you want me to make you one or not, and i will if i like the outfits. Sorrry if that seems like a lot, its just like yeahh just do whatveer you please. WELL THANKS AGAINN!(:

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