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Can someone please provide me with an example of a well-written research paper?

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This IS NOT for me to copy anyone else's work. I am writing a research paper on marine pollution. My first copy wasn't very good and my teacher told me to look for examples on ...show more
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hmmm... i don't know any good sites, but i can post one of my research papers. i'm a pretty decent writer and i got an a for it, so here you go. i don't know what level of writing or research your teacher is asking for, but this is from a high school assignment.

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified foods are beginning to appear more and more in US grocery stores. But what exactly is this process? Scientists have started modifying crops since the 1990’s, pulling out unwanted genes and replacing them with better ones. If some plant species, like wheat, was very susceptible to death in droughts, an engineer could find a gene in another organism and switch the two. This would make a new, improved type of wheat that had the same drought-surviving qualities as the donor organism. Corn, tomatoes, strawberries, canola, and soybeans are just a few crops that have been genetically engineered in the last several years.

Corn is very often genetically modified to be sweeter. By changing a gene that controls the altering of sugar to starch, corn would stay sweeter for a longer amount of time. Corn modified with a chemical called Bacillus thuringiensis, also called B.t. corn, kills pests that try to eat it.

Tomatoes have been commonly engineered to ripen less quickly. By removing a gene that makes them ripen then rot, tomatoes are picked at a stage called mature green. Then they are shipped to a destination, where they are placed in a cool chamber. In the chamber, the chemical ethylene, the same that was removed earlier, is spread in gas form throughout the room. This allows the ripening process to be monitored and stopped at any time. The tomatoes are then sold in a supermarket, with much longer shelf lives.

Genetically modified foods could greatly aid our economy and the growing population’s food demands. Many reasons, such as cold tolerance, pest resistance, and medicinal value, support GM foods in their quest to hit store shelves everywhere.

Genetically engineering crops to better withstand cold would help farmers have a better harvest, thus aiding our economy. Produce would be more likely to survive harsh winters, which is becoming increasingly more necessary given our climate change. Many plants like strawberries cannot endure too chilly of weather. By changing their genetic makeup for that specific characteristic, strawberries would stay alive through frosty conditions much better than previously.
Herbicide tolerance is a major asset to an argument for GMOs. A large problem in the agricultural business is weeds. It is a huge hassle to pull them out by hand, but weed-killer can damage your crop too. Some people propose to modify plants to be unaffected by a powerful weed-killer, then use only that weed-killer on plants to prevent harming the environment.

There is also negative feedback on the topic of GM foods. The unintentional harm of other individuals and unknown health hazards for humans pose a great counterargument questioning the use of genetically modified crops in groceries.

In a study shown in Nature magazine, it was discovered that the pollen from B.t. corn was killing many monarch butterfly caterpillars. The pollen would be carried by the wind to nearby milkweed plants. When the caterpillar hatched and ate the leaf of milkweed on which it lay, it might eat some of the corn pollen and die. B.t. contaminants have been known to kill many other insects. B.t. toxins cannot be made to not affect these other victims.

Many children in the US have allergies to all kinds of substances. Modifying plants may create yet another material to which people are allergic. Doctors could have to quickly create an antibody to save these people from sickness and possibly death.

Many reasons both support and criticize genetically modified crops. Now that you know the process and some of the arguments, decide for yourself whether it is a worthy idea to carry out.

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in order to make such a detailed bibliography (works cited, sources, all the same thing) without the hassle of looking up authors, etc. i used a bibliography maker site called bibme.org. it's great, you just plug in the website you used, it loads the info, and when you have all your sites, you just download it to a word document.

good luck!

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Both answers were very helpful, but you actually gave me an example. Thank you so much! :)
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    All essays makes a statement and the statement is a point supported by a proof with a comment on how our understanding has grown or changed based upon this research.

    A standard essay contains three parts

    Each part of an essay is composed of paragraphs.

    All paragraphs are composed of three elements.

    A small essay may look like this.

    The opening paragrapsh asserts a point, proves that the assertion is valid by pointing to evidence, and then makes a comment on why the point is of interest.

    Point: All red balls are red.
    Proof: Red balls collected from all parts of the globe and studied by experts in colour have concluded that all red balls are red.
    Comment: Accordingly funding for further study has been denied based upon the matter being classified as worthy of notice only.

    The body of the essay may make three points that support the opening point.

    The three points are dealt with separately in three paragraphs in accordance with the format.

    Support Point 1. The work of Sampson and Goliath tells us that all balls gathered in Asia were determined to be of a red colour.
    Supporting proof 1. The records of Sampson and Goliath were preserved in a mudslide and are considered to be accurate recounts.
    Comment. This study is probative of the premise that all red balls are red since all red balls in Asia are red.

    Support Point 2. The work of Sodom and Gemhora done a century later expanded the study in Europe.
    Proof of point 2. Their work was conducted under the scrutiny of J who was credited with dilligence and precision as a reputation.
    Comment. The Asia study is confirmed by the European Study.

    Support Point 3. This matter was ordered closed by the Emperor after riots broke out over fraudulent claims of some red balls as being brown. The Emperor was unsuccessful in keeping the matter closed. Proof 3. The excavations of Utrichia disovered wall paintings. At that time paint specialist had devised new techniques for analyzing pigment. It was found that brown changed into red over time.
    Comment. The purity of the Asian study and the European study was now open to question.

    The final paragraph has the same format but it synthesises the three points in the body as its point. It reviews the proofs by linking them together. Then it makes a comment.

    Final Point: While all red balls are red, not all balls are red and this alters the purity of findings on red balls. The third point in this essay examined ancient wall paintings and the proof therein tells us that some pigment change colour over time.

    The comment of the final paragraph should contrast the opening point and the final point.

    Final comment. It may be the case that not all red balls are red all of the time. Funding for new studies on this matter will give preference to those who demonstrate valid suspicions regarding the true colour of other balls. We will not consider squares or triangles at this time.

    The final comment and the opening premise should cover some intellectual distance. In other words the opening premise should evolve into the closing comment or stand in oposition to it.

    This is an example of a well composed essay. Research means to learn about something. You are going to examine the nature of a matter by showing how it develops or you are going to examine the nature of a matter by contrasting it to what it is not.

    As to citation you have to inquire what format of citation is expected from the nature of the essay. Citation in a legal essay has its own special rules. Generally however a citation is the name of the source, the author, and an indentification of where in the work your informaiton can be found such as XXXX journal, 1990 series 4, Spring issue, page 43.

    Example: Asian Red Balls and Thier Predecessors, by Sampson and Goliath, Pompeii Collection, facsimile release 1990 by Excavations International, files 112 to 117.

    You can yahoo search "academic citation standards". However your professor or teacher will have a preference.

    Primarily the goal is to keep yourself clean of claiming credit for the work of others. So long as you do that then the details of format are of secondary importance.

    Research is incredibly siimple. Just remember POINT PROOF COMMENT over and over and over. Every point you make should have proof and a comment. Every proof you use should have a point and a comment. Every comment should have a point and proof. Every essay is making a point and demonstrating the proof with an explanation of the proof and the point which is the comment. Every part of the essay is a unit of a point, proof, comment. Stack all of them together in an orderly fashion and you have a research paper. From a children's story to a doctoral thesis the format is the same. Ta da! You just got an education that your teachers do not have. Go knock em out!
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  • Can someone please provide me with an example of a well-written research paper?
    This IS NOT for me to copy anyone else's work. I am writing a research paper on marine pollution. My first copy wasn't very good and my teacher told me to look for examples on the internet. I looked and looked and couldn't find any!

    I would REALLY appreciate the help!!
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