Atheists, how could all these be by chance?

How could a non-living, unintelligent matter bring about billions of living, intelligent beings. I know energy exists but all I'm saying is that there must be someone in control of it. Which is likey to exist be chance: Simple or Complex? I mean if we were simple beings then maybe we were made by chance but since we seem so complex, then maybe someone designed us. Why does the human body have so many cells? Why does our body have healing abilities? Why do we desire food and how did food come to exist? Since energy went as far as making sure we had all the required cells to survive and sense organs for observation, why couldn't it make us morally perfect?

I'm not trying to be offensive, so if you have any explanation as to why you don't think God controls it please share. And if you are going to mock, ridicule or say no evidence, please this is not the place.

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    Simple truth: God did it. Major holes in Ev also call in2 ? the BB/abiogenesis. Many will do anything 2 keep God out of the equation or as generic as possible trying 2 avoid accountability. The crux of the problem is many men (having limited knowledge) try 2 know what God did by imposing human limitations 4 understanding things 2 God's abilities. Ev issues:

    Many scientific finds r true but it doesnt mean "all" their claims r true (many dont take time & energy 2 carefully think thru things b4 coming out 4 or against it). Many dont properly take in2 account all it takes 2 create a universe/life (they tend 2 focus on things "seeming" 2 support what they want 2 &/or u 2 believe).

    In science we established laws of physics. We can't see actual laws of physics. Rather, we see the results & interpret & apply them in accordance with whats been observed 2 b true thru experiments/calculations. Same is true 4 God. Just b/c we can't see God doesn't mean He doesnt exist.

    There may b forensic evidence 4 some micro-adaptation & 4 some "appearance" of macro-evolution but most is inconclusive @ best & pure conjecture @ worst. Finding the beginning & reason 4 it all is unattainable by scientific method alone (a billions of yrs old cold case). We didnt see it take place.

    Things in Creation show an Intelligent Being was involved or the universe/we wouldnt b here (ignoring how it came 2 b). 4 instance:

    1. We hv 2 lungs/2 kidneys - each has a near perfect mirror-image companion organ. It cant b explained away. Making a mirror-image organ takes full reverse engineering/knowledge/understanding of its companion's functions & purpose or it cant b created (2 witnesses in nature).

    2. Our bodies r highly symmetrical from 1 side 2 the other. Its impossible unless 1 has an outside overview position allowing full knowledge of the entire organism (i.e. feather color patterns).

    3. We hv 2 arms/2 legs. Each is perfectly designed/precisely engineered 2 work with its mirror-image companion. An outside position is required 2 fully comprehend the purpose/functions of the organism, 2 create it 2 such perfection.

    4. The "being" of a cell is confined 2 within the cell membrane & cant know much beyond itself. A cell is magnitudes more intelligent than all humanity & has amazing powers 2 know all of an organism's functions/purpose or it isnt the "brain" behind Creation 4 many millions of incredibly diverse species. If Ev had a chance of being the source of Creation only 2 or 3 "kinds" of basic bodies with some related species would exist (would take billions of trillions of yrs longer than the universe has existed 2 hv the slightest chance of producing many millions of incredibly diverse species).

    5. Many cells of an organism never contact others much beyond its tiny cell. Cells/organisms r just copies of their parents doing about the same things as all ancestors. U wont find a bird who builds a better nest than their parents & their chicks build even a better nest. U wont find a bear improving living conditions passed on 2 his young. Either a cell has 2 lives - 1 copying its parents & 1 secret life working on improvements or some1 of higher intelligence than all mankind created it all.

    6. Others point 2 DNA (RNA in the 1rst organisms). But a cell needs DNA 2 function & DNA cant function without a cell. So, we hv a which came 1rst a cell or DNA problem. W/o 1rst having great intelligence/full knowledge/understanding of how an organism is constructed it cant b created. If an ape finds a combination lock he wouldnt know what it was. Even if he turns the dial over & over again he wouldnt know what he was doing & the chances against getting it right is astronomical - especially if it had 150 or more no. 2 find in the right order & even if he got that far he still wouldnt know what a lock is 4.

    A cell has little "intelligence" & DNA is way more complex than a combination lock (especially in higher life forms) so the odds against figuring out & using DNA (in the correct sequence) is many magnitudes higher than 4 a lock). RNA/DNA r building blocks common 2 all life - having 98% of other species' DNA doesnt prove Ev. DNA like a computer code (but way more complex) requires great intelligence 2 identify & assign its proper order - its useless unless u understand it. Give a book 2 an ape. Its useless 2 him as he cant learn from whats written - intelligence is required.

    7. In the fossil record we dont find millions of trial & error organisms that should exist if natural selection or fittest survivor is the source of Creation (no organisms existed b4). The odds r so great against near perfection happening 4 many millions of greatly diverse species, it couldnt take place unless 1 had full knowledge/understanding of what theyre doing B4 millions of organisms could b created 2 such precision. If not true millions of misfit organisms with mistakes, having only 1 or 3 eyes in odd places, 1 leg growing out of a head or where an arm should b or a fin where a leg should b should exist. Millions more misfit fossils should exist than of the perfection found in nature.

    8. U won't find species like a horse mating a goat, a frog mating fish, a rabbit mating a dog, a lizard mating a bird, a cow mating a hog, etc. Species with similar genes/characteristics rarely mate in the wild. Only a few succeed @ bearing young. Its very rare that a wild crossbreed/hybrid reaches maturity or can bear over 1 litter (usually that litter cant produce or has complications that kills off the crossbreed). Only human intervention brings more success but even that has lead 2 some bad results.

    9. Ev processes being "the" source of Creation is like having a blind man build a car he's never heard of, seen, touched, heard or rode in. It cant b done without 1rst teaching him about the functions/necessary parts & how 2 put it 2gether 4 the car 2 function.

    10. Look @ the huge amount of intelligence/knowledge/understanding/tim… & energy used 2 create & improve an airplane's capabilities (& many mistakes). If ppl didnt fully learn what 2 do we'd still b earthbound.

    11. Creation is astronomically more complex than an airplane. The more complex an organism, the greater the amount of intelligence/knowledge/understanding needed 2 create it. It can only b done by an Intelligent Designer who already fully understands what He's doing - the sheer complexity of man is evidence of God (airplanes show we're created in God's image - God had 2 b the source of all Creation or it couldnt exist let alone evolve).

    12. An incredibly Intelligent Being, capable of building a universe, knows the environment His earthly organisms r 2 occupy. So, He built in adaptability so His organisms could survive various environments.

    13. Earth happens 2 b in the best possible orbit 2 support life. It has the right amount of gravity, the right axis & rotation speed, the right atmosphere (& ozone layer/Van Allen belt/magnetic field) & needed amount of water. The moon's the right size & in the right orbit 2 provide tidal cycles needed by organisms. Just 1 or 2 relatively small variants in our orbit/environment & most likely life would b very different & higher forms of life wouldve died off in a relatively short time, if they couldve survived.


    Problem is theres many religions, built on what man wants God 2 b like. I realized they cant all b right (Theres 1 Bible - why so many interpretations? II Pet 1:**19-21). Religion wont teach u much about God (they cant teach what they don't know) but God knows what He's doing. Who knows more about a house, the Builder or those moving in later?

    Many miss this: Jesus is the only 1 in history who stated He's "the" way, "the" truth & "the" life & no 1 gets 2 God w/o Him (Jn 14:6; 5:39; 10:1,7; Acts 4:12) & is the only 1 who came from God. Its fully true or theres no truth & cant b any God (He knows what He's doing or He's not God). Either Jesus told the whole truth or He's a false prophet, among many, who should b disregarded.

    Since Jesus is the only way 2 know God, "the" whole truth was complete & finished thru Jesus. So any claimed new or other religious beliefs or from self-proclaimed prophets/ teachers r invalid & wont lead u 2 God. God always knew all Jesus was 2 do.

    Jesus couldnt hv done nor said whats written in the NT unless He fully knew the entire OT (NT didnt exist while Jesus was on earth). Jesus couldnt hv known the entire OT unless God was with Him. The Apostles couldnt write the NT unless Jesus allowed them 2 remember & know why He was here (Lk 24:25-27,45) - Only God could cause it.

    Whoever seeks Jesus Christ with all his heart & soul will find God & His Kingdom (u shall know the truth & it'll set u free). U can lead a horse 2 water but u cant make it drink. Why should God want u 2 live with Him 4ever if u dont want 2 know Him His way (reason 4 free will - Jn 1:12-13)? The truth of God remains 4ever unchanged while things of a man dies with him, including his religions/gods made in his image.

    God hates us b/c of our sins - neither being a good person as judged by men or religion can save u. But God also loves us dearly enough 2 send His Son 2 die for our sins - so that thru Jesus our sins could b 4given if we sincerely turn 2 Him - Theres eternal hope only in Jesus & His Bible.


    Source(s): The Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ, God's Holy Spirit, the Bible, careful research & observation & personal experience provided by the Most High - He who has the Son has the Father also but he who doesnt hv the Son doesnt know the Father either - it shall b sheer terror 2 understand the real message - God doesnt respect any man or his religions. It comes down 2 do u want 2 know who our real God is? Theres many ways that seem right 2 man but its end = death (theres only 1 path [not many] 2 God & thats thru Jesus). Biblical knowledge in & of itself wont save u. Borrowing true knowledge from others wont help u - if u hv a good meal poisoned with arsenic adding better quality food (patching it) wont cure the problem but it may prolong ur inevitable death but it'll b death nevertheless - its still part of the poisoned tree. Its useless 2 try 2 patch a tire thats full of holes (adding a little truth [usually stolen] 2 a lie only makes it a bigger lie). ***If Jesus came from God as His only Son as stated in the Bible then the Quran (doesnt agree with the Bible), the Book of Mormon (no such thing as "another testament"), JWs (rewrote some Bible verses - New World Translation) & other religions r wrong about Jesus b/c they demote Jesus 2 just a prophet or good man (1 way or another). If Jesus Christ isnt God's Son (false prophet) then the Bible & all others r wrong. We cant hv it 2 ways. Theres only 1 Jesus & there can only b 1 true Gospel (II Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6,9; I Tm 6:3). If Jesus is whom He says He is then Muhammad (muslim follower of Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormon = Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, LDS), Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs = Watchtower, Awake), most Catholics, many Protestants, Ellen White (7th Day Adventists), Mary Baker (Christian Scientists), the moonies (Unification church - Rev Moon), Church of Scientology (Dyanetics - L Ron Hubbard), Buddhism, Hinduism & others presenting other teachings/practices r the false prophets & teachers & must b disregarded. But I can assure u the truth is in the Bible (where Jesus was coming from in everything He did & said). Many (see above par.) claim they believe Jesus is the Son of God (however, even the devil knows who Jesus is) but having read the entire Bible (some parts many times) I state with authority that many dont know God or Jesus. If ur foundation of teaching is wrong it cancels out all ur other claims - u can call anything anything. Calling a dog god doesnt make it God. Jesus wasnt speaking out of 2 let alone 1000s of sides of His mouth (He isnt the author of confusion - fixed order of things Biblical). The Bible severely warns us not 2 trust humans, not even ourselves, clergy/churches (Jer 10:2-5,23; Is 2:22; Job 12:11; Prov 14:12; Acts 17:11). So carefully think over what I say. Dont just believe or dismiss what I write. It might save u from making the same mistake many made, getting caught up in religious beliefs that hv nothing 2 do with finding/knowing God (poisoned tree & its fruit) - see Mat 12:36 regarding whats 2 b judged. No matter how much well-meaning ppl (religious or not) read the Bible they cant find Jesus Christ without going directly 2 Jesus thru His Biblical instructions (Jn 5:39; 10:1,7; 3:3,5). God outsmarted man - the Bible is the only 1 that cant be properly understood without Jesus (Jn 14:6; II Cor 3:14, Is 29:11-12 - If Jewish ppl cant pierce the veil over the OT without Jesus then 4 sure all gentiles cant). Thats why theres many interpretations & many thinking its fairy tales/a delusion (Jesus came bearing the sword of division). He who would b wise gets away from all religion & seeks the 1 who actually came from God. Many ppl make the mistake of trusting a church "authority" over the Bible (where God & Jesus wrote the actual truth). If u dont know whats actually written in the Bible u cant tell if the church is on or remaining on the right path. Regarding Bibles I recommend the English Standard Version (ESV) as its an easy 2 read but more accurate version than what others will suggest. Its very important 2 understand the most accurate Bibles r those that r word 4 word or a combination of word 4 word + the right amount of literal translation (4 readability). Presently, theres 30+ versions of the Bible (generally popular 1s, some shouldnt b called Bibles). Only a few r translated close 2 whats in the original text. The ESV adheres 2 the word 4 word method while making it easy 2 read (literal method) - the best accurate Bible 4 the younger crowd - but its good 4 parents, children & others 2 b reading the same Bible 4 good communication (get 1 with verse references so u can easily look up related text). Many dont know that God is well aware many would [un]intentionally twist & pervert His Word so He invented a system in the Bible that will never change (Just like God & Jesus - more visible in word 4 word [with the right amount of the literal method] versions of the Bible). Only 1 God can occupy infinity & that God is the God of Israel. Its only fully provable b/c Jesus is the true Son of God. Occupying infinity means theres nothing u cant see nor understand & u can rightly claim u dont need a cause 4 ur existence & declare the end from the beginning. The Bible doesnt tell us how old the universe/earth actually is. Time as measured from earth wasnt set in motion until the 4th day of Creation (not 2 b confused with the 7 day periods of Creation). So, God's length of a day 4 each period of Creation could b anywhere from near zero 2 billions of yrs. If it was important 4 us 2 know the length of a day of Creation God wouldve written it in the Bible (the specifics were left out on purpose - so that man could keep trying 2 guess/disprove how God made everything or realize that God made it all & he should look 2 know who God is). God's power is such that He could hv created the universe in whatever time period He so chose. But, the specific action taken was with regard 2 Gods purpose 4 everything (& yes Adam & Eve were real ppl). The wise true believer in God & His Son cant believe in Ev. Ev isnt true, opposes true Creation & sets ridiculous parameters/boundaries that dont exist with respect 2 the true power of God.
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    1 decade ago

    I am an atheist and the origin of life was always something that confused me. I never understood how non-living matter could somehow transform into living matter, no matter how long you left it for.

    However, science has come up with a fairly good explanation for this. It's called abiogenesis. If you're actually interested, you can read up on it here:

    I'm not saying I fully agree with abiogenesis, and remember that it's still an incomplete theory. However, I do think that there could be some kind of force that acted as a catalyst for this- some kind of creator. However, said creator would still a force, so absolutely nothing like the God depicted in the Bible/Qu'ran etc.

    Proving that God exists is not the challenge ,as it doesn't take a huge stretch of imagination to think that the universe was created. If you can prove to me that God is ANYTHING like the one depicted in the Bible, and then I'll be in awe.

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    Since you've asked ths question so politely, I'll extend you the same courtesy.

    Why don't I think "God is in control"? Because there's simply no reason to. There's no evidence for an intelligent designer, and lots and lots for a natural process.

    The mistake you've fallen into is to assume there's only two options - design or chance. It's an easy trap to fall into, but it's a mistake nonetheless.

    Nothing sprung into existence by chance. In fact, the "chances" of you and I, with all our complexity, springing into life by accident are trillions and trillions to one against So nobody blames you for not accepting that.

    The thing is, evolution is NOT about chance. It does rely, to some extent, on some tiny randomness - but the fact of it is not chance.

    The answer to all these questions you have asked here is the same: evolution. It explains everything - every cell in our body, what we eat and why we need to - how our organs are so good at doing their job.

    It's far too big a subject for me to go into here - but please be aware that evolution is an accepted fact amongst the scientific community.

    If you're interested, Google the subject for more information. Or email me.

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  • Doug B
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    1 decade ago

    Go look up abiogenesis and evolution. Organic molecules are common in space, and under the conditions found on the early Earth amino acids form spontaneously. All that needed to happen was for life to spark once. Evolution takes care of the rest.

    Not being able to heal simple wounds and infections would be an evolutionary disadvantage. Read up on people born with hemophilia or immune deficiencies. They tend not to live long enough to reproduce. Being able to heal is an advantage.

    You need to eat because your body burns energy. If I were designing the body, I'd incorporate photosynthesis to add an energy source. You also need food to rebuild worn body parts like blood cells and muscle tissue.

    You seem to think scientist replace god with some nebulous concept of energy. Wrong. Sunlight is energy. Food is potential energy when digested and mixed with oxygen. Energy, from the sun and the planet's own heat is the engine that drives the life cycle.

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    The universe is a pretty big place. There are billions upon billions of stars withing the observable universe. That's not counting anything that may exist that is simply to far away to see. I could see your point if life like ours existed on every single planet, but that (to the best of my knowledge) is not the case. Estimates put the number of stars in the universe at 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Now figure that each of them have roughly the same number of planets as we do. 10^24 X 8 = 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets. Statistically, at least one of those planets is bound to have complex life. I'm not going to say that God did not create life, nor will I say that God was left out of the issue, but a supreme being is not the only way a living creature could come to be.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually you are completely right. It is incredible that the planet and it's inhabitants happened all by chance. But if look at the decillions of other planets in the universe, and also the fact that the planet had almost 5 billion years to form, it seems like it was bound to happen.

    Also, the human body has a ton of cells because of evolution. Life started out as single celled organisms and just went from there. Keep in mind, evolution took millions of years to happen, and creatures adapted to their environment and evolved to fit their surroundings. Thats why the body heals itself, because the world (our surroundings) is a dangerous place.

    Furthermore, morality is something invented by humans very late in the evolution stage (like within 2000 years or so), so even if it is possible to adapt to something that we invented, there hasn't been enough time to do so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm very sick of atheists saying read a science book. Those of you who think evolution is true please explain this, why have there been no reports of a new species arriving in history? Notice I said new "species" not an adapted form of a current species. Those adaptations can still breed with the original. Don't say evolution takes millions of year, because if that's true millions of years ago a specis began to transform and we would have a new species today. In fact everyday a new species would arise. Something would be constantly evolving to form a new species. Finding new things in the rain forest does not count as there is no evidence of them being new, just newly discovered.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most of what you asked are questions that can be answered by evolutionary biology.

    Why does the human body have so many cells? Because we are multi-cellular organisms, not simple celled ones.

    Why does our body have healing abilities? Survival.

    Why do we desire food and how did food come to exist? Again, survival instinct, we crave food because we need it for nourishment. How did food come into existence? All living beings require nourishment and they tend to get it from consuming other life. This is all billions of years in the making.

    Also, have you considered the possibility that the universe really is ruled by chance and probability, and not guided by some higher power?

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  • 4 years ago

    I am an atheist considering that I stopped being satisfied through the incorrect arguments I used to preserve so expensive to my metaphorical middle again whilst I used to be devout. "God has to exist, in any other case raping is ok." "God has to exist, in any other case not anything might exist." "Everything has to have a motive, besides God, as a result God exists." In fact, there's no which means to existence, considering that which means is only a belief created through the frightened approaches of extremely developed eukaryotes because of evolutionary selective pressures! Organisms need to prioritize distinctive values to outlive, such because the survival in their loved ones contributors, the purchase of meals, self-safeguard and killing matters which can be threats, and so on. If they did not have those homes, they could have died out already. But survival itself can't be externally justified as an intrinsic well. It simply exists so long as it does. If nobody used to be alive proper now, there could be nobody to be unhappy approximately how nobody used to be alive proper now. I digress, however quite, an all-understanding all-robust all-loving author who designs a global precisely like this one may be very not likely. Physical, chemical, and organic causes for the way stuff obtained here's up to now MUCH bigger in scope, application, and accuracy with present knowledge. Though we do not realize stuff approximately the very first actual second of the universe's lifestyles, that does not imply that a magical being did it. That speculation has failed one hundred% of the time ago, so there is not any purpose to maintain maintaining onto it in these days.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We don't know how it all really started - in spite of knowing about the big bang thing.

    On the other hand we don't know how or even IF god started it all so lets solve one problem at a time if you don't mind.

    We do seem to have a good handle on how complicated beings came about - but you would have to study some cosmology to be convinced ot that. I am currently studying up on cosmology so my opinion is from a good source presumably.

    In addition, if there were an intelligent god wishing to speak to us it is my (belated - after 75 yrs) opinion that he would be a bit more obvious about it.

    As far as I can tell the bible god did not put forth a decent effort.

    (as note the first 300 years after Jesus time)

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  • RickK
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    1 decade ago

    The progression from simple creatures to complex through the evolutionary process is well documented, obvious, and no longer open to debate. The ONLY people that question it are those people who confuse religious books with biology books.

    Instead of sitting there saying "how could this be?", go LEARN something about our natural origins. It's a story more grand, more sweeping, more subtle, more intricate and more awesome than anything written by men or attributed to their gods.

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