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im 13 but i really wanna live by myself!?

im 13 and i am a very responsible kid. i always clean up after myself and im just very independent. i basically take care of myself. ive been having problems at home with my mom and my sister cuz i feel like they always gang up on me and my sister (who is 10) is always hitting me and hurting me and somehow it all comes back to me and i always get blamed. i really wish i could just live on my own. like seriously. i cant take it anymore at my house. my dad is the only one who understands me and he is never around cuz he goes away for work for long periods of time. i wish i just had my own apartment or something where i could just be by myself lol. i just wish i knew what to do.

so i guess im just venting here but do you think there is any way where i could at least feel like i was alone? i was thinking i could live in the basement of my house and just take care of myself down there but its a complete mess down there and it would take forever to clean it up. i would do it, its just i have no where to put all the stuff (theres old toys and crap down there that we dont use anymore).

maybe when my dad gets home then i could ask him to help me clean out the room and he could install a sink and lights and stuff...any advice on that??

any other comments would be nice too (as long as they are nice!)



p.s. i know this is posted twice but i didnt know what catagory to put it in so i just put it in 2 different ones.


im not saying i wanna move out right now im just need some more tips about being more independent or living in my basement,

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    i felt the same way as you when i was 13 or 14, i hated school, family, and life. i wanted to get out on my own even trying to get a GED. after realizing that no one is going to hire a 13 or 14 year old to do any type of work at all. i felt i needed an outlet, so as a guy up there suggested i started taking tai kwon do, it is a great stress reliever and it teaches you to handle difficult situations with patience and wisdom and it gives you a broader scope of how everything really is, plus having the added bonus of being able to defend yourself from siblings. and as to the basement idea, i am an electrician by trade but do all types of construction and depending on if it is framed and has any existing wiring, or plumbing you can tap into will run around 1000 dollars to do it yourself or around 3000 to have someone do it for you, as long as there is places to tap into. if not it will cost more. if i were you i would try getting into some different clubs at school. or taking up sports, either way, its more time away from home and if your parents want to spend time with you it will be on your terms at games, functions. ect. hope this helped

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    If your thinking that your sister gangs up on you, and thats what may be making you feel like this, you should try having a talk with your parets about that to start with. (especilly your dad as it sounds you get on better with him).

    i dont think that living on your own at 13 is really going to work out, its probably not allowed and how would you support yourself alone?

    maybe it would be a good idea to talk to your dad when he's around about having your own space if you do want to feel like your alone sometimes but you wouldnt want to be alone ALL THE TIME. so just try and talk about it, and hopefully you can sort something out! :) You must think you dont need them, but in the long-run you will, so maybe the basements a good idea, that way your alone, but not to far (if they will allow it)! even if you cant have a sink :/ ?

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    Okay so I have 5 possible answers for you:

    -Beg your dad to live with him.

    -You could live in the basement of your house.

    -You can stay with family.

    -You could go to a boarding school.

    -You could go to a social worker and ask for help.

    I suggest that you live in your basement for awhile it might just be phase your going through but also ask help from someone like a friend or something.

    Its against the law for a 13 year old kid to live alone. sorry

    But thats all I thought about.

    I hope it turns out OK and good luck!

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    talk it over with your dad, tell him whats going on and what your solution to the problem is. Ask him if you can live in the basement and can you put a lock on the door so sister cannot go down there? If that won't work can you put a lock on your bedroom door so you can get away from your sister in there? good luck hon.


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    If you don't feel you are getting anywhere with your mom. Talk to a school counselor and ask for their suggestions on where to get help with the relationship between you and your mother. As for your little sister, next time she hits you, one good butt kicking should put an end to that. Once you seek outside help, your mom should be more understanding about your unhappiness. Hang in there, we all go through the stage you are going through and it isn't easy, but it does get better. Always remember this saying, "This too shall pass".

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    Listen, when I was 13 I also wanted to live by myself. I did not get along with any of my family (meaning parents, brother,and a cousin that is similar to a brother). But I knew that if I left, I would not survive. So, I just stuck to it and I survived. Good luck!

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    well... do you have a job that your working 40 hrs a week? getting paid a good hourly? do you have a car to go shopping for food? do you have money for that? do you have money for toilet paper and shampoo... soap... laundry soap??? do you have a washer and dryer??? or are you doing to need your parens for all that??? are you going to pay your half of the rent... light bill, water bill, what about trash bill??? are you going to pay for all of this?? your not old enough to even get a job!!! or even have a car... taking care of a house is not about keeping it clean and being able to cook for your self... your parents do more for you then you think! everything they do is for you and your siblings! i know it may not feel like it now but trust me! I was there once!! when your family has dinner together are you going to be in the bacement eating ramon noodles... while they are eating a good healthy meal... that you did not have to cook?? remember the last time you got real sick? who took care of you??? who paid the DR bill can you afford that? maybe you need your own room/space that you can fix up and have it so when you need to be alone you can go there and have time to your self!! ask your mom how much she spends on bills.. morgage,light,water,car note,internet,phone,food,health insurance... it takes most house holds two incomes to run the house... or i know woman who work 2 full time jobs just to take care of their family... you would not be living on your own just by haveing a room down stairs... i had a co worker who was 18 she had her own place "that her daddy paid for.." and someone broke into her apt. in the middle of the night...stole everything... he attacked her... there was no one there to protect her... now she lives back with her parents...hmmm... IM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN IM JUST TELLING YOU THE TRUTH... I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!!! MAYBE IF YOU DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST HER SHE WONT HIT YOU... NOW I DONT BELEIVE FIGHTING IS RIGHT BUT SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO FREAK OUT ON THE PERSON JUST ONCE.... YOUR MOM AND DAD CAN GO TO JAIL! I HAVE A FRIEND WHOS PARENTS WENT TO JAIL FOR HER SKIPPING TOO MUCH SCHOOL... IM SHUR YOUR DAD WOULD LOVE TO SIT IN JAIL AND LOSE EVERTHING HE WORKED SOOO HARD FOR ALL HIS LIFE.... PUT A LOCK ON YOUR DOOR SO YOU HAVE HAVE SOME PRIVACY....

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    yea, it cant happen..but maybe talk 2 ur dad about it?

    and definitely see if you can live in the basement, or actually, see if you can live at a friends house for a week or something so you can get away from the house.

    good luck, emily

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    DON'T go live by your self!

    But you could make your room more homey and try to stay away from them, if you share a room with some one (like your sister) than you could hang out in your basement. You could also learn karate (no joke)

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    SIlent treatment and just try and stay locked in ur rrom. Or lik out all the time! THey will realize that they miss you. Do it to your dad too! Bc he should have atleast tryed to help by having a talk with ur mom and sister! I feel sorry for you and just tough it out. BANd i am sorry to say that is nearly impossible for you to live on your own.

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