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The Locket by Richard Paul Evans?

This summer I had to read the book The Locket and now I have a project on it. One of the questions is asking me to identify the theme of the book...but I dont really know what this actual theme is and how to explain it. Another question is asking me to identify a stylistic device used by the author such as a simile, metaphor, foreshadowing, or personification and then find an excerpt from the story that supports it. It would be great if someone could help it with these two questions! It would be absolutley FANTASTIC! Thanks so much! <3

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    do u go to lowery freshman center in allen?? i do...i had to read that book too, and i'm stuck on the same question about the theme...but i think the RIng that michael gives to faye is a good theme

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    i go there too and i cant find any stylistic devices

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