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Why do blacks live in the poorest neighborhoods?

I recently asked "Do you have to hate another race to be a racist?"

"what if you just think another race is different?

are you a racist if you think black are physically stronger than whites? or if you believe whites are smarter then black?"

This was one of the answers i got,

"It's a somewhat racist view to think that one race is stronger/smarter than another.

Statistically speaking black people get poorer school results that white people in America. However, they also go to the worst schools and live in the poorest areas.

Race does not affect intelligence or strength. While both can be affected by genetics, it is also important to remember that both differences are mostly down to cultural influences. A white person living in a poor neighborhood, going to a terrible school, is just as likely to get bad school results."

So if there is no difference between black and white, why do blacks end up living in the poorest neighborhoods in the first place?

If a group of whites settled in one are of town and a group of blacks settled in another part of town

would the black neighborhood end up being the poorest side of town?

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    We don't have that many black people in my home country and even fewer in the region where I live. There is still a difference between people, those who do well in life and those who have things in life against them from the start. It's not about race, it's about them being born in poverty, raised in poverty and struggling to get out of poverty. We have the same kind of divide in the society but without race being mixed into it.

    Ever heard about the glass ceiling?

    It's very easy to say that they only have to work harder and want to get out of it when you are on the top of the glass ceiling, it's something entirely different to get up in society when you are underneath it.

    It's not so much about where you live either, it's about connections and who knows who. Successful people look after their own and it's hard to get in when you are on the outside. Your education matters of course but even if you get the best education you still need to get a foot in and that's not as easy as some people think.

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    What's with all the stereotyping? Grow up guys...for real! If you are white, you don't have the LEAST idea what blacks go through EVEN if we did tell or show you. Believe it or not...blacks are the most discriminated against and we are looked down upon and expect nothing out of us. Blacks that are poor are poor because their ancestors were forced to live in poor conditions and had NO way to better themselves even if they wanted to. The Martin Luther King days isn't that long ago you know. So, that's enough for at least 4 generation of kin. And even after those days, we STILL had it bad bcuz people were just getting used to it. It is hard to better yourself if you're black...that should be a fact. If I live in the projects and decide I want to be a doctor, but I go to a crappy school where the teachers don't even teach...isn't that going to be difficult to do? SOME of us live in the poorest neighborhood for many many reasons, there isn't just one.

    I agree 100% with Blue Eden, I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Not all blacks live in the poorest side of town most of them are middle class now just a small percent are poor . and In schools they don't take black kids seriously .

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    It has nothing to do with race, I had white friends that lived in the projects. It has to do with if that person wants to better themselves. I don't even live in a poor neighborhood, I actually live in one of the richest ones in Missouri, but when I lived in the projects for 2 years because bush was doing this job cut thing, we tried to better ourself but it was tough, but we still did it.

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    Um wow I'm black and most of the black people I know live in nice neighborhood have graduated from college and live in $200,000 house or better they drive BMW and Mercedes. I think its all about the way you were brought up and where you are looking to come to this conclusion.

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    White people live in trailer parks and black people live in the poor side of the neighborhood. black people can dance and white people can't.Black people sell drugs and white people don't.ALL of this is just stereo-typing

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    Its just a social upbringing. It will take time for blacks (me) to get in better situations. There are a lot of reasons why and some it is our own fault so its hard to truly explain.

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    i think that if whites had been subjected to the same type of living conditions and educational restrictions stemming from jim crow that blacks had to face not 60 years ago, yes- whites would be in the same place that these blacks apparently are whom you speak of.

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    I don't think it has anything to do with race. If one wants to better themselves they must get off there lazy *** and do it.

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    omg, who cares. this question is lame... You can come up with better!

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