If you give someone your pin to your debit card can you still prosecute them for stealing your money?

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My ex boyfriend has always known my pin because I told him a long time ago. He recently stole my walet and took out hundreds of dollars with my card but the woman at the bank said I ...show more
Update : It is not a joined account
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You can prosecute them, but the bank will not help you fund money back to your account personally. The bank considers this a lawful responsibility to protect your account from outside person accessing it, therefore your to blame if you gave your account number to someone Else. If your trying to file a fraud claim with the bank, file a police report, and tell the bank your card was stolen, and you don't know how they got the number, otherwise they wont honor the claim, like they DIDN'T honor mine because the people who took my card from me, when i was drunk gave it back to me when i woke up, i foolishly told the bank this and even though it was the truth and i really did get my money stolen, they retracted any credits they put into the account after the investigation and your signed affidavit. Good luck, i'm still paying for this.


my own mistakes with trust

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  • kuppkake answered 5 years ago
    call police to report a crime...that would be your first step
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  • . answered 5 years ago
    Two issues here:
    The bank does not have to make good on the funds withdrawn since for them your boyfriend had all the necessary information needed to withdraw the money from the account.
    You can file charges against your boyfriend for taking the funds, UNLESS, his name is also on the account. If not, and he used your information to obtain the funds, then that is theft.
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  • Cameron answered 5 years ago
    of course you can do something, it doesn't matter if you gave him your pin he's still a thief. talk to a lawyer to see what you can do...
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  • K W answered 5 years ago
    Since you did not authorize him to withdraw any monies from your account, it is considered theft. However, if he is on the account with you, no. But, it is going to be your word against his word. More than likely, he will state you authorized him to take the monies out and of course, you will say you did not. Did you make a police report of your stolen wallet?
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  • Politico answered 5 years ago
    Yes you can prosecute them. It is still stealing, unless you give them express permission.
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  • Lets play answered 5 years ago
    No. this is still theft. Go to the police.
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  • gregg answered 5 years ago
    Hindsight is 20/20, right?
    You should have done this or that. You shouldn't have done this or that.
    Well, what have you learned?
    You can prosecute him for stealing the wallet and he used something that he stole to get something that was not his furthering the theft and it becomes Grand Theft by the amount stolen if you can prove he stole it. The burden of proof is on you. You have to prove he stole it.
    That is a crime. Report it as soon as you can. If he is found with the items, then yes you can prosecute him.
    If your ex boyfriend did not have your card, he could not use your pin and get money.
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  • whoknew answered 5 years ago
    Police, police. Sign a complaint. Then be well rid of him. If you see him again, don't bother to ask for help, you already know his agenda.
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  • Tired Trucker answered 5 years ago
    I've been married for 15 years and my wife doesn't know my ATM card PIN.
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  • Becky answered 5 years ago
    After you file the police report, talk to that bank lady's manager. I hope you have now canceled the card, along with every other card in your wallet so the little * can't screw you over more.
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  • ckngbbbls answered 5 years ago
    the minute you knew your wallet was stolen, you should have reported it to the police, and changed your PIN and any other important numbers.
    Then, you are not libel and he wouldn'thave been able to do anything at all.
    I have had my wallet stolen twice and lost my card once and never had any problems with that, as long as its reported right away.
    Ex or not, he is still a thief and needs to be treated as such.
    Also, the minute he became your ex was also a good time to change that pin.
    I know saying all that does not help you now but you can still report those things stolen.
    Chin up and no mercy for this guy!!
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