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so who do you think will go to the playoffs and move on to the world series?

i'm a diamondbacks fan...oh well but i'm still going to watch playoffs who do u think will make it and what do u think the match ups will be


i think that the yankess will go against the rangers

then i say angels against the tigers

in the national league i believe it will be

dodgers vs phillies


cardinals vs rockies

i think the yankees will beat the rangers

and the angels beat the tigers

yankess vs angels

phillies beat dodgers

cardinals beat rockies

philles vs cardinals phillies go to world series against the yankees and the phillies win it all

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  • Spike
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    Yankees over Tigers

    Red Sox over Angels

    Red Sox over Yankees

    Cards over Rockies

    Phillies over Dodgers

    Cards over Phillies

    Cards beat Red Sox in World Series

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    Yankees vs. Tigers

    Angels vs. Red Sox

    Dodgers vs. Cardinals

    Phillies vs. Rockies

    Yankees vs. Angels

    Cardinals vs. Phillies

    Angels vs. Cardinals

    Cardinals win.

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    I see the Cardinals winning the World Series if they go with a 3-man rotation of Wainwright, Carpenter and Pinero.

    For the AL, I see the Angels or the Yanks making it all the way. Rite now, imma go with the Yanks.

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    NY Spankees

    The Phillies take the first 2 because they can't keep the Phillies inside the Park. Then they come home and sweep up that NY Trash

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yanks vs Phils Yanks in 6 win 27th WS and dominate

  • 1 decade ago

    Yankees and phillies all the way

  • Unfortunately, not my cubbies.

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