Share your 2009 MLB playoffs outcome?


Dodgers vs Phillies- Dodgers

Cardinals vs - (WC) Rockies- Cardinals


Yankees vs Angels- Yankees

Tigers vs (WC) Red Sox- Tigers

Dodgers vs Phillies- Dodgers

Yankees vs Angels- Yankees

Yankees vs Dodgers- ??

i would feel glad either way, if the Yanks win or loose, its a great match up.


i know, i took a second look n i said this isnt right..i have it all diagonally on my itouch notes. thanks for heads up.


Yanks over Tigers in 6

Angels over Sox in 7

Dodgers over Rockies in 5

Phillies over Cardinals in 5

Yanks over Angels in 7

Dodgers over Phillies in 6

Yanks and Dodgers [hopefully 7 great games]..dont want to jynx

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    1 decade ago
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    NL Dodgers vs Phils- Phils win in 5

    Cards vs Giants- Cards in 4


    Yanks vs Angels- Yanks in 5

    Tigers vs Rangers- Tigers win in 4

    NLCS- Phils vs Cards= Phils in 7

    ALCS- Yanks vs Tigers Yanks in 6

    World Series- Phils vs. Yanks- Yanks in 6

    Yanks win 27th WS CC- 4-1 in playoffs, 2.16 ERA Burnett-2-2 3.30 ERA

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    1 decade ago


    Dodgers 3 Phillies 1

    Cardinals 3 Giants 2

    Dodgers 4 Cardinals 3


    Yankees 3 Tigers 0

    Angels 3 Rangers 1

    Angels 4 Yankees 3


    Dodgers 4 Angels 2

  • 1 decade ago

    Dodgers vs. Phillies- Phillies

    Cardinals vs. Braves- Braves

    Yankees vs. Angels- Yankees

    Tigers vs. Rangers- Tigers

    Phillies vs. Braves- Braves

    Yankees vs. Tigers- Yankees

    Braves vs. Yankees- Yankees

    It'll be a repeat of the 96 or 99(i forget which one the Braves played the Yankees, i think it was 99)

  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion its gonna be the Yankees and the Phillies in the World Series.


    Dodgers vs. Phillies-Phillies

    Cardinals vs. Rockies-Cardinals

    Phillies vs. Cardinals-Phillies


    Yankees vs. Angels-Yankees

    Tigers vs. Redsox- Tigers

    Tigers vs. Yankees- Yankees

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  • Jacoby
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    1 decade ago

    American League:

    Yankees over Tigers in 5

    Red Sox over Angels in 4

    Red Sox over Yankees in 7

    National League:

    Cardinals over Dodgers in 4

    Rockies over Phillies in 5

    Cardinals over Rockies in 6

    World Series

    Red Sox over Cardinals in 6

    Source(s): Overly optimistic Sox fan
  • 4 years ago

    Too early to mention. A lot of offseason movements aren't even made but. So some distance I can best deliver out a few indistinct solutions. NL East: Phillies. Not that many FA or alternate to be had that's well adequate to upgrade Mets’ pen and opening pitching. Unless Mets make a few movements has have an impact on just about the Satana deal. Phillies will nonetheless win the department when you consider that I are expecting Cole Hamels can have higher season than 2008 season. Central: Cubs. The entire crew gained’t difference a lot. They will best upgrade, no longer getting worse. I don’t see different groups in imperative to make giant movements besides. West: Dodgers. They look discovered to make giant movements. NL West will nonetheless be susceptible, groups with more cash will win. Wild card: Mets. Brewers gained’t be as robust as final 12 months. Anyone from the West gained’t be well adequate to compete with Mets. AL East: no prediction. I am no longer going to foretell some thing earlier than the wintry weather finishes. Central: Oh good. I will gamble on Tigers. I consider they're an underrated crew that had a horrible begin in 2008 and the whole lot simply went down hill. The center offence remains to be very well primarily in the event that they and in some way get anybody like Furcal. West: Angels. With or with out Tex. They are with no trouble some of the nice in AL and situation in a weaker department. Wildcard: No prediction. There are too many well adequate AL groups. Yankees, Redsox, Rays, Indians, White Sox, Twins, Tigers, Jays are all applicants. I can are expecting nobody will pop out from AL West to win wild card. NLDS: Cubs vs Mets. Cubs in five. Mets gained’t be in a position to position giant 3 available in the market like Dodgers did in 2008 although David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado are simply as well as Ramires. Chokers vs Chokers, Cubs will win this one. Phillies vs Dodgers. I don’t understand who Dodgers gets this offseason. The approach Phillies beat Dodgers is a little unusual with their pitching. I don’t see Dodgers can clear up Cole Hamels. Phillies in five. NLCS: Phillies vs Cubs. Now is Cubs flip to choke. Phillies in 6. No prediction for AL playoffs, for this reason to WS prediction.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you know what the word "seeding" mean? If the Red Sox make it as the wild card, then they'll face the Angels because they have the best record not in the division, and the Yankees will play the Tigers. And the Yankees face the Angels twice? WTF?

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont understand how ur brackets work. You have Dodgers facing Phils in the NL first round, but then they are...both in the 2nd round?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    giants defeat yankees in 6

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